Examples of society


It is a group that lives together , in a given space and share beliefs and culture .

There are various types of society present in both animals and humans, the latter being the most advanced on the planet.

Human society is interrelated and they generate ties that will later identify them both in their identity and in the sense of belonging.

Examples of society

  1. Public limited company: it is the commercial organization of a group of people in order to create or organize a company or business but without their names or identities being public knowledge.
  2. Civil society: it is about the diversity of people located within the same geographic space with the title of citizen who participate in decision-making in public space.
  3. Scientific societies: it is the group of researchers and scientists who come together to share experiences and carry out joint scientific work.
  4. Collegiate societies: are the organizations that bring together professionals and scholars from the same area.
  5. Irregular companies: these are organizations that are not constituted in accordance with the law . They are also known as de facto partnerships.
  6. Multiethnic societies: are the organizations that meet to discuss various issues regardless of gender, race, creed, color, etc.
  7. Commercial company: they are organizations of groups of people (two or more) that come together in order to establish a company or business.
  8. Matrimonial society : it is the society that is constituted in marriage.
  9. Capitalist society: it is about the organization of people working according to capital.
  10. Patriarchal society: it  is made up of a group of people directed and guided by the father or patriarch of the group, this is generally the one who will make the important decisions of the group.

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