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Examples of Social Report

It is defined as a social report as the key tool for the moment of a diagnosis that the worker has at the time of a demand situation.

The social report is what is used as a tool to make a hypothesis and thus have a good argument to intervene in any type of situation effectively and safely. There are several social reports as different situations that merit a social demand, for this reason said report is important for employees, since in this way they can claim their rights against any type of abuse.

4 Examples of Social Report

  1. AIESES social report

Professional identification data.

Institution: cheerful field base social service.

Report issued by:

Diploma in social work: Luis Calderón Carrero.

Registered in: upel.

With professional practice in: basic social service.

Works in: basic social service of master sources.

Date: January 15, 2020

Requested by: the Aises department.

Reason for the report: AISES fabulous glasses.

  1. Identification data:

Surname: Martínez Pérez. Name: Pedro

Address: 12th street with 10th street los chinatos.

Locality: happy field.

Telephone: 0276- 9134538. CP: 08423 Nif: 09764321.

  1. Family assistance social report for this, a form is filled out with the data of the family members who live under the same roof. Cases are presented where those relatives who frequent the residence and who therefore have good communication are also included.
  2. There is also another example where the work situation is included as the family situation. In this case, the report is made in order to first clearly explain what the applicant’s family condition is and then give clarification about his work part. It would be good to explain the economic situation since this serves as support to support the case.

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