Examples of Social Project

Social project

When a person or a group of people carry out work to help a community or a certain sector, faced with a problem presented or the lack of some element to grow, without expecting any change , it is known as a social project .

A social project is a work plan promoted by a group of people , by private companies or by the state carried out to make improvements, provide equipment, build buildings, among others, in order to improve the quality of life of a certain group of people within a disadvantaged or unprotected population or community . When these projects are carried out, the services provided are totally free , that is, no money is received in exchange for the work carried out; It is a work that is done for humanitarian purposes to improve the quality of life of someone else.

The social projects have been very helpful throughout history, during wars, famines or during periods of shortages in areas devastated by nature storms, droughts etc., in areas of extreme poverty, where children and youth they are more susceptible to getting carried away by drugs and crime, lending a helping hand when it is most needed and helping the inhabitants of those areas to emerge and move on.

For a social project to be named as such, it must have four  (04) fundamental aspects :

  • Attention to the fragility of an individual.
  • Help in the face of the deficiencies of the most needy.
  • And re sponsibility and commitment , wanting to reach out to those who truly need.

Examples of Social Project

  • Community kitchens: they are carried out in order to provide food to those who do not have the ability to get it on their own due to factors such as extreme poverty, scarcity, among others.
  • Housing construction: these are projects that are intended to help families, usually large, who do not have their own home.
  • Collection of clothes: this type of project is aimed at collecting clothes in good condition that are of help to those who are less favored. They are generally driven by organizations in the face of tragedies or natural disasters and for villages that host the less favored.
  • Leadership training: it is focused on the study and personal improvement of vulnerable people but with the potential to emerge and achieve a change in their environment and their community.
  • Construction of public roads or highways: these are high-impact projects, which are aimed at communities that, due to their remote location, are difficult to access.
  • Collective planting : these are plantings that are carried out in a certain plot of land within the area, in order to cultivate and harvest some vegetables and vegetables for the benefit of the community.
  • Medical care centers: they are carried out in communities and areas of great need, where access to primary medical care and medicines are very scarce.
  • Provision of school materials: project aimed at boys and girls who are in public or community schools, whose families do not have the purchasing power to meet this type of need.
  • Creation of community businesses: this in order to help young people and adults in a certain community to have a fair job and thus be able to grow and develop.
  • Shelters and refugee centers: created in order to give aid to those who are going through difficult situations, without food and employment. These centers provide them with accommodation, food and work so that they can grow.

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