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Examples of social changes

Social changes can be defined as variations within the internal structure of a society , these changes involve moral, ethical, cultural aspects, among other similar ones, and that can be altered by internal or external factors. These changes can be manifested at a more visible level or of a lesser perception such as economic development within a community, its changes in the educational system and can even undergo changes in aspects as strong as the traditions that are part of the cultureof a society, as we said, changes can occur in an external way or by some internal factor but they can also occur by the will of the members of said society themselves or it may be the case that it happens involuntarily, this depends on the population and the external elements that influence it.

When social changes occur due to an internal factor, it is generally due to climatic changes, natural phenomena that directly affect the population such as a prolonged drought or flood, moving to another aspect can also take place because a large part of the population is against a political model which generates drastic changes in different aspects within a community or country, but if we talk about external factors then one of the clearest examples of the changes is undoubtedly globalization, another example of external factor is the new technologies that have undoubtedly generated important changes in the lifestyle of many societies around the world.

Social changes are a phenomenon that affects everyone without exception, although it occurs at a different speed and rhythm in each social group, the changes and their consequences are different in each group and there can be cases of such drastic social changes that they mark a milestone in the history such as the famous cases of the French Revolution or the Industrial Revolution in XVIII.

Examples of social changes:

  • The rights of women in society thanks to feminist movements that promote gender equality.
  • In more and more places, marriage between same-sex couples is being legalized.
  • The measures that are taken by the opposition in a government.
  • The implementation of animal rights in various countries.
  • Encouraging the adoption of home-seeking pets rather than buying them.
  • Increasingly strong protests against animal abuse such as bullfighting.

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