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Examples of Social Awareness

The  social consciousness is a term used to refer to the ability of a group of people, a community and organizations to notice, realize situations and problems that exist around them and that needs attention from everyone and be it to reflect on what is happening or also to do something about it and change things for the better.

It can also refer to the state and their knowledge of any problem that affects one or more members of their society , this awareness allows people to know what things are harmful or beneficial to their own environment.

Social conscience has a strong relationship with human values ​​such as solidarity This allows people to be aware of the problems that afflict other members of society. It also implies knowing and doing things that reduce environmental pollution, avoiding the consumption of substances such as alcohol and tobacco; It is all these things that make people aware of what is happening in their environment and also influences the education they receive from childhood both at home and at school and even through campaigns that invite reflection on various issues within the community.

15 Examples of Social Awareness

  1. Animal abuse and campaigns that seek to eradicate these behaviors.
  2. Avoid driving after drinking alcohol.
  3. Prevention campaigns to avoid the spread of HIV and other STD diseases.
  4. Solidarity campaigns to help people affected by a natural disaster.
  5. Donation of blood and organs.
  6. Donate clothes and food to the affected people.
  7. Campaigns against early pregnancy
  8. Garbage collection days at beaches and parks.
  9. Take care of the environment by recycling garbage or simply not throwing it out on the street.
  10. The protection of endangered animals and the rejection of hunting as a sport.
  11. Campaigns against discrimination against women, homosexuals, people of color or even because of religion.
  12. Improve garbage collection system.
  13. Encourage the development of sports activities.
  14. Information days on healthy eating
  15. Contests on ecological projects

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