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Examples of Sleep Stages

Going to  sleep involves a process of many steps, which allow you to rest and recover from exhausting days. How do you know, being able to sleep well is very important to lead a good rhythm of life. Besides that it has many benefits. That is why we have to talk about these  examples of sleep stages , they will help you better understand each of the phases that all people go through daily.

Examples of sleep stages

No one can “jump” from one stage to another. We find  5 phases of sleep , although previously only 4 were recognized. It was thanks to the scientist  Jouvet that one more stage was marked.

Transition phase:  It is also known as the  waking phase , its main characteristic is that it does not allow brain waves to work. Its duration is 5 to 10 minutes, it is a state where the body does not move and causes theta waves.

Light sleep phase:  It is the combination of theta waves and «K» waves that occur several times per minute. When a person is in this stage, it is sought that they cannot wake up. They reduce the heart rate and lower the body temperature.

Deep sleep phase:  During this phase, delta waves are secreted above theta waves. Its duration is 3 to 5 minutes maximum.

Delta sleep phase:  In addition to keeping delta waves secreting, its main characteristics are that it reduces heart and muscle rates. Its duration is 30 to 60 minutes.

REM sleep phase:  In some parts it is known as the paradoxical sleep phase. During this phase the nervous system is activated. Basically in this stage dreams appear that carry a continuation and that allow us to be relatively aware.

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