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Examples of Skin Color

The skin is a unique and inherent organ in each human being, it is the result of the balance of keratinization, secretion and desquamation. Its normal state is flexible, firm and soft to the touch, which over time undergoes various variations and causes it to change its appearance. Mainly the color of the skin is what makes a difference a person from birth. Therefore, we will introduce you to examples of skin color and remember that equality is something beautiful that we must take care of.

Examples of skin color

The skin color of a person is a physical trait that comes from the combination of several factors, the most important melanin. Melanin is a pigment substance of a dark color, whose nature in distribution and concentration in the skin, is responsible for defining the color of the skin.

White : it is a particular and frequent color in many people in the world, there is not a single place where there are not people with white skin color.

Black : this color is characterized by having a greater amount of melanin. In addition, compared to other skin colors, it has many advantages and disadvantages compared to the sun.

Pale : it is a much lighter color than white, usually people with this skin color have small freckles and have certain disadvantages with the sun’s rays.

Tan : It is a medium shade between white and dark, it can even appear brown.

Other skin colors

Reddish white : it is a very particular skin color in women and men in Europe, they do not present disadvantages except for being exposed to the sun.

Light pale : this skin color is very weak and exposure to sunlight can be dangerous to the health of the person.

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