Examples of skills

Skills are abilities, talents, expertise, and an innate competence that all people have to do a certain task. There are many types of skills and each person has an ability for something, that is, they may not excel at something and be in the normal average, but for example that person may have an ability for mathematics or to solve a certain type of problem.

Any skill that people possess can be detected from childhood and developed in such a way that they become successful in any branch that is closely related to the skill or abilities that the person has, since people can have more than one ability.

A clear example of skill can be seen in sports, soccer players, basketball, golf, tennis and other disciplines have abilities and skills to handle a ball, move in a unique way that makes them perfect to perform in various areas. Without talking about sports skills we can see types of skills which can be: basic manipulative ability, basic locomotive ability, basic balance ability.

Examples of skills

  1. Innovation.
  2. Creativity.
  3. Empathy .
  4. Observation ability.
  5. Analysis capacity.
  6. Teamwork .
  7. Deduction.
  8. Pres fingering.
  9. Assertiveness .
  10. Oratory .
  11. Education.
  12. To debate.
  13. To create.
  14. Conflict resolution.
  15. Kitchen

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