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Meaning of skere

Skere is a derivation of a terminology in English which is lest get it, whose translation into Spanish refers to “let’s get it”. This deformation of the English language has permeated millennials especially, due to the impulse that has been given through social networks.

The phonetics of this Anglo-Saxon expression is a sample of the deformation of the language over time. The sound of this word when pronounced is the same as its writing, that is, it sounds like it is written.

This term is generally used in today’s young people , since it is synonymous with happiness or positivism, making it known that everything will turn out well. It is important to note that this expression is accompanied by a gesture that is made with the hands, in the form of horns made in front of the forehead.


This term or deformation of the Anglo-Saxon language, has its origin thanks to the musical interpretation of the trap singer Lil Pump who was its original creator, making it viral on the networks and among young people making it one of the most popular words of today.

In principle, the artist used the word skere in his social networks , later it was the most outstanding term of his most successful song “Gucci Gang” , which reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100 list, in the year 2017.

Since then, the use of the word skere has become common among young people, especially on social networks . However, for specialists skere in itself is a word that lacks meaning, but it has been useful to achieve rhymes in musical compositions.


Quite apart from what is applied in the musical field, this terminology today is the protagonist in the language of adolescents, using it or using it commonly on many occasions and in various possible ways. That is why many have requested to be included in famous and trending video games to be able to use it through video game chats .

It is very likely that this term is not the only one that is believed throughout our existence, it is likely that with the passage of time even our language will be completely deformed, thus adapting to new generations, who on a practically daily basis , have been given the task of inventing, creating and transforming what we all already knew and saw as normal or morally acceptable.

Examples of the use of this word

  1. Today we eat free Skereee!
  2. Skereee, we’re going to party
  3. Tomorrow Juan’s birthday is Skere!
  4. let’s go to the party? Skere!
  5. Everyone is invited. Skereee!
  6. The drinks are paid by the company tonight Skereee!
  7. Let’s go party. Skereee!

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