Examples of short poems

The short poems , are those artistic compositions are written mostly in line, which means are of great importance in genres. Its main function is to search for aesthetics, feeling, art, perfection and beauty through words.

The elements of subjectivity that are reflected in the poems go beyond ideas, thoughts, visions and emotions, in order to exalt the artistic use of language. They have the ability to embellish the poem and allow the original use of the language, so that it goes beyond the literal sense, the rhythm, the rhyme and its everyday life.

Examples of short poems

  • The falling of the flowers


Of the thistle flower

Between the pangs

From the thorns

Of wind.

  • Resistance

I had nothing,

I only have one

That I simply love.

  • Literature

She distanced us, what I learned from you

I assimilated it from literature

And the only thing that I was missing,

I did it with my words.

  • Beauty on the horizon

Up beautiful road

Also imposing hill

That watches the city awake

And when closing the door

Back I forget what saddens me.

  • Beloved moon

My beloved night sun

Impulse of hearts

Harmonious last quarter

I always wait for your return

With eagerness and pleasure.

  • Love more than an art

Loving you is the beauty of art

If I can’t fall in love

I will be very happy with your smile

And your hugs.

  • The pencil

Sad I took you,

I have written to you,

Sad I ask you,

That you turn off my sadness

And do not forget me.

  • Beautiful rose and beautiful flower

Beautiful rose and beautiful flower,

Great treasure laden with fortune,

Your beauty,

I do not change it for any.

  • If the sea runs dry

When the sea runs dry

And the sun does not shine any more for me,

It will be the hard day

That I will have to forget you.

  • Define you my love

If it is not love what I feel for you,

If it is not pain what I feel when you are not with me,

That I can then be me without you.

  • Star of my life

Your eyes are two stars,

Your lips are velvet

And the beating of my heart

You won’t be able to help what I feel.

  • My thoughts are only on you

When i think about you

I am filled with nostalgia

And heartbroken I tell myself,

Because I think about you and I love you so much.

  • Towards the future

I hear what they say

I look forward

And when I look to the future

That I look, but see nothing.

  • Woman’s beauty

There is no immense beauty,

That a woman can have,

There is no other’s beauty,

How impossible could it be.

  • Caribbean Sea

There are many monuments,

Built by man

But there is no wonderful construction,

That this Caribbean Sea can offer.

  • So beautiful are you

So beautiful your sun,

Your moon so beautiful,

With so much beauty,

I couldn’t change you for any.

  • So unique

For me so much beauty,

For me so unique

That’s why you’re gone right now,

That you are the only woman in my life.

  • You will always be beautiful

You are beautiful,

You will be beautiful forever

And every day that passes

My heart fills up

Of your great beauty.

  • If loving is a crime

If by loving you I commit a crime,

For loving you I will serve my sentence

But loving you will never be forgotten.

  • If you forget me

I ask life

That you never forget me

I ask fate

May you always be present.

  • Empty words

If the words are empty

When you don’t want to listen,

It will be hard to find

How much you want,

If you stop fighting.

  • Love my mother

A rose from heaven fell,

My mother saw it and took it,

In his heart he placed her

And for a long time he kept it.

  • To be again

I will go back to being the one I was before,

But now different

This time you have died

In my heart and in my mind.

  • Lost dream

In a second I saw you in my dreams

In a second my hope flew

I was getting married with you and suddenly everything stopped,

Oh! You have lost my dream

And in a second you have destroyed me.

  • Turn and see

If I had the chance to see you again,

I will allow you to be you

And I am me

I’ll let our melody flow

And come back together all our love.

  • When nobody sees me

When nobody sees me

When I cloud my thoughts

When no one listens to me

I close my eyes and see you come back to me

  • Admire you

If at any time you feel sad,

Remember that I am here

If you don’t understand

I will never stop admiring you.

  • The soul

The purity of the soul,

Can speak with the eyes

And look at the heat of a kiss.

  • Are you

I know what I feel

I know it’s you

I already know that all my senses are not a limit,

Because I already know that I feel for you.

  • Love stay

Each love has a space

Every space falls into the void

And if we get carried away,

Every love loses its stay.

  • What you never saw

Maybe there is what you never saw

Maybe you lost what you never knew

Maybe you appreciated when it’s late.

  • Sunrise

I slept dreaming how to make you love me

When I woke up I knew that I love you more

And in every sunrise

I want to do it in your arms.

  • It was good

After winning your heart

I knew how happy I was

But I never thought that time

It would make me lose you.

  • Trifle

Crying is a trifle

And for such a thing,

Many times we die.

  • Existence of the opposite

Being young or old is extreme

Being wicked or pure is a contradiction,

The truth and the lie is difference

And despite that the relationship is perfect.

  • Run slowly

Sometimes it runs

And you can’t tell where it’s going

But by going slow

You enjoy the way where you go.

  • Do not go

If you stay

I want to see the sunrise with you

And with the song of the new day,

I ask you not to go.

  •  Naps

Even if you are before me

I still forget about you

Even if I think of you.

  • Just a moment

In an instant

You can lose sleep

In an instant

It can be recovered.

  • Act or speak

Maybe they don’t go hand in hand

Words and actions

That’s why I want to believe you

And give you the opportunity.

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