Examples of Short Love Notes

Expressing our feelings and emotions through a love letter will continue to be the detail of everyone’s preference. Love letters represent romanticism and truth, in addition to helping us to lessen that desire to love and want to be next to that person.

However, and although it seems a simple task, not all of us are capable of writing and expressing our feelings in a love letter. That is why in this article we offer you some ideas so that you let yourself be carried away by your own feelings:

3 Examples of Short Love Notes

  1. Short love letter


I am writing you this love letter because I love you. My words are in the hope that each of these letters will touch your soul in the same way that your eyes touched mine. I am writing you this note to remind you that even as time passes, my soul and my heart still belong to you.

I dedicate this love letter to you knowing that you will keep it in the most important corner of your mind and your heart. Reaffirming that my commitment and my best effort is to make you a completely happy woman.

We will continue adding more months to our love.

I love you my heart.

  1. Love letter from a distance

My love.

It has been several weeks since the last time we were able to share laughter and kisses, I have missed you. Even when we communicate daily, my desire to hold you in my arms and to be able to kiss you are greater than the distance that separates us.

It comforts me a lot to know that our love is stronger, that respect and trust have brought us closer together and have driven us to move forward. I remember you when I watch your favorite series, when I walk through the square or when I prefer a tea to coffee in the morning.

I know that soon we will be able to embrace each other and win back valuable time that has not been lost. On the contrary, time that has made us more mature and has strengthened our relationship.

I love you Luisa.

  1. Reconciliation love letters

Hello my love.

If you are reading this it is because you have given me an opportunity to win back your heart, which I understand is hurt and with many doubts. As we discussed, my feelings, my thoughts and my heart understood the importance you have in my life.

I do not understand the reason for some discussions, the screams and the times that we have misinterpreted situations. I know that you are angry, I know that everything that happened hurts you. However, I can only add that I miss laughing with you, hugging you at night and walking by your side.

I will understand and respect your decision, however, I want you to know that I will wait as long as necessary until you want to talk to me again, I love you and I miss you.

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