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Examples of shipwrecks

A shipwreck consists of a vessel of any type sinking while it is navigating the sea, a river or another body of water. This word is also used constantly to speak of the remains of a ship that is at the bottom of the sea, but the correct term in this case is wreck, not shipwreck.

A shipwreck can occur due to natural phenomena or human phenomena. The direct causes are five in total: because there is a hole that allows water to enter the boat, because the boat has an incorrect inclination, due to natural phenomena such as storms or hurricanes, due to human error that causes the boat to collide with pipefish. or other vessels, or for damage caused by wars.

Examples of famous shipwrecks

    • HMHS Britannic , which sank on November 21, 1916 due to a torpedo, causing 29 deaths and leaving 1096 survivors.
    • MS Goya , a famous German ship that was also a hospital, which was sunk in 1945 due to war reasons. The large number of 6000 people died.
    • ARA General Belgrano , an Argentine cruiser that sank in the middle of the Malvinas War in 1982. There were 1000 wounded and 323 dead.
    • Titanic , famous for being the largest ship of its time and for having its own movie. It sank from hitting an iceberg in 1912, leaving 1,517 dead.

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