Examples of set phrases

Made phrases

It is an expression that has a fixed form and meaning, which is why it is commonly used in society when it comes to wanting to express or say something differently from the everyday. These set phrases are usually expressed figuratively.

These types of phrases are commonly used in order to express an opinion or idea in the middle of a sentence or in the middle of a conversation. The set phrases have a fixed form or structure , that is, they cannot be modified because their meaning can change or simply nobody would understand what is meant.

You can differentiate a phrase from a saying since in the second, it speaks of a statement, expresses a sentence and also contains a moral , on the other hand, a phrase is just an expression of a comment or situation expressed in a figurative sense .

Examples of set phrases

  1. That is to ask of mouth.
  2. She carries more stick than a thief cat
  3. They call him water stick
  4. With you bread and onion
  5. That costs an arm and a leg
  6. They put him a cat for a hare
  7. They teased him
  8. Take the frying pan by the handle
  9. That’s mango short
  10. Who does not want the thing
  11. It is on the tip of the tongue.
  12. Do not add fuel to the fire
  13. In less than a rooster crows
  14. You walk in the clouds
  15. She doesn’t mince words
  16. The dough is not for buns
  17. Take out the washcloths in the sun
  18. She paid for the broken dishes
  19. An enemy that flees, becomes a silver bridge
  20. The way is made by walking
  21. God will provide
  22. A gift horse does not look fang
  23. In old age, smallpox
  24. Nobody becomes bitter by a candy
  25. He is like a child with a new toy
  26. A good cuber’s eye
  27. Lightly
  28. To the leg, the trowel
  29. To live that is two days
  30. Point blank
  31. A dead king, king put
  32. To fools and crazy
  33. To open grave
  34. Garlic and water
  35. Water that you should not drink, better let it run
  36. The verbatim
  37. Love at first sight
  38. Open to a site
  39. To the enemy or water
  40. Passes like a dog through your house
  41. Walk like a dog with a worm
  42. With the rope around my neck
  43. Jump of kills
  44. Here is a cat locked up
  45. Cope well
  46. Up the hearts
  47. Under rope
  48. Tie up the males
  49. Bad weed never dies
  50. With the mallet giving

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