Examples of sentences with words with iba hiba and hiva

Two of the words that present the most confusion when it comes to properly writing their spelling are the words iba and iva .

Iva down the avenue when a car crossed ” or ” going down the avenue when a car crossed

Writing in the right way not only helps the message to be understood correctly, it also affirms that the writer has a knowledge of the lexicon and spelling rules, which means greater wisdom. In other words, the spelling mistakes reveal that the person who writes lacks culture, therefore, any text that he can write is disqualified by the spelling mistakes that the text itself has.

How to properly write the words iba, hiba, iva and hiva?

Uses of iba

It is written iba (with “ b ”) when we refer to the verb to go in the first or third person. In this case it is used when the verb to go must be conjugated in the imperfect past tense. This verb is used synonymously with carrying, leading someone somewhere, circulating or walking. For example: I was going to go to your house later.

Uses of VAT

More correctly to write this: taxes or VAT as it is an acronym acronym: i mpuesto to the v alue to gregado. It is a fiscal aggregate that is added to consumption and services. In other words, each object or good that is purchased pays a tax called VAT. This is also known as value added tax . For example: The bank will increase the commission on the bank account. Now it will cost $ 345 + VAT

Use of hiba or hiva

These are not considered words with meaning so their writing is not correct in any context.

30 Examples of sentences with words with iba and iva

 15 Examples of Sentences with Words with Iba

  1. I was going to buy fruits at the market. Do you want to join me?
  2. Was I distracted walking down the street in the middle of the starry night, when a black cat crossed and I was surprised.
  3. Yesterday I got up with a start because I thought I was going to be late for work
  4. Every time my grandfather went on a trip, he brought me a postcard.
  5. My cousin went to work downtown every morning.
  6. She was about to hang up the phone when on the other end she heard her mother’s voice.
  7. Antonio was shopping at the store when a torrential rain caught him.
  8. When I was a kid, I went to the park with my friends. We had a lot of fun there.
  9. She went to the hospital every afternoon to visit her brother in hospital.
  10. Juan announced that he was going on a trip in August.
  11. Behind that great team was the coach.
  12. Mariela was not going to come with us to the party?
  13. Susana knew her boyfriend was going to leave, but she didn’t know when he would.
  14. This decision went against our principles and that is why we did not accept the union’s proposal.
  15. Marcos was supposed to come to play but he hasn’t arrived yet.

15 Examples of sentences with words with IVA

  1. The government has decided to make a refund of 5% VAT  for the consumption of debit card purchases.
  2. The  VAT   is expressed as a percentage , but each country has a different percentage.
  3. If we go to the cinema on Wednesdays, there is a discount on the value of the ticket. This happens because on this day, said purchase is exempt from paying  VAT.
  4. The clerk handed over the purchase receipt. There he specified the   total VAT of the purchase.
  5. There are products and services that are exempt from paying  VAT. .
  6. If you want to buy this computer, it costs 100 usd but you must add the value of VAT.  
  7. All the products in this store already have  VAT  included in the final price.
  8. The  VAT  General of Portugal in 2016 is 24% value added.
  9. The government announced a VAT increase for next year.
  10. Some proposals have considered abolishing VAT on basic products.
  11. The VAT has increased over the last 5 years 44%.
  12. The removal of VAT for basic necessities products is a government measure to encourage consumption by lower social classes.
  13. Many financial services in Panama are exempt from VAT .
  14. In Romania a VAT exemption was announced for agricultural and livestock products.
  15. By requesting the ticket or proof of purchase of any product or service that is consumed, the merchant is being obliged to pay VAT .

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