Examples of sentences with wish

The English language has managed to spread throughout the world and its British origin has given way to other languages ​​or types of English . Among the best known are: American English, Australian English, Canadian English, South African English, Indian English, New Zealand English, and Caribbean English. Also, there are Irish English, Scottish English, and Welsh English.

Its variety is of such magnitude that in each continent variants of the language have arisen , whose pronunciation tends to change according to the region . In many of these countries, the English language is the official language.

However, the diversities of English also have similarities in the pronunciation of the consonants . The interdialectal linguistic discrepancies that may exist are referred to the vowels.

English is typified as an Indian-European language from West Germanic , which arises from the Viking invasions, managing to exchange with other dialects and that is why it is said that a large part of its lexicon has been reconstructed and manufactured with Latin cultisms .

Furthermore, the English language is perhaps one of the Germanic languages ​​that has an atypical constitution both in its grammar and its vocabulary .

Using the wish in the English language

In the English language it is common to use the simple past with hypothetical meaning, as in the second conditional, that is, the simple past is used to express an unreal situation in the present and not in the past.

The term wish roughly translates to “hopefully.” This word tends to express a desire, something very hypothetical that is not the current reality. It is generally used with the past because it expresses something that we would like or desire in the present but that is not always fulfilled.

It tends to be used too, with the past perfect if we want to talk about a wish for the past . Bearing in mind that the past perfect is formed by had plus the past participle and that it is also often used in the third conditional to pose unreal situations in the past.

Furthermore, wish has the possibility that it can be used with the auxiliary verbs could and would that represent the past tense of can and will, respectively. In the case that you want to talk about dispositions or abilities. Also, we use it as a form of the past but it is not possible to use it in the English language, since it is not fulfilled.

Examples of sentences with wish

  1. wish to see my favorite artist in concert in Caracas (I wish to see my favorite artist in concert in Caracas)
  2. Carlos wishes he could see Maria tonight at the mall
  3. Linda wishes she had a beautiful dress for the party (Linda wants to have a beautiful dress for the party )
  4. wish some chocolate candies with nutella
  5. wish that you come to know my house
  6. Mario wishes he had a red and white bicycle
  7. We wish that this year we are free and happy as before
  8. They wish they had a new car to travel the world
  9. Marcos, Julian and I wish we had a house on the beach to visit on weekends ( Marcos, Julian and I wish we had a house on the beach to visit on weekends)
  10. Silvia and Tom wish they had good grades on their English test
  11. wish to see a night in Paris at the end of the year with Brad Pitt
  12. wish to have a high-tech phone (I want to have a phone high technology )
  13. wish that Professor Fernando gets better soon
  14. Lucrecia and Tomás wish to have a sunny day to go to the beach with their friends (Lucrecia and Tomás wish to have a sunny day to go to the beach with their friends)
  15. In earthly paradise they wish to see the President
  16. Gerbasio wishes that the earth could have contact with aliens
  17. Rogelio and Rosalia wish They had a lot of money to go on a trip to Europe (Roger and Rosalia want to have a lot of money to go on a trip to Europe )
  18. wish i had a bear

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