Examples of sentences with used to in negative

The English language is ancestral , it is a language spoken by approximately 1600 million people around the globe. Within its structure it has around 750 thousand words, which due to their origin and difference have had the opportunity to evolve over time .

The English language historically appeared about 1600 years ago . It was not a language of its own, but had its origin by the invasions of various peoples, where dialects were mixed, creating a grammar that managed to spread throughout the world.

England was the cradle of the English language, there it was born when the Anglo-Saxon and European tribes of the central area arrived in the British Isles . At first the language received the name of “old English” and gradually it was adopted as a common language that is here to stay.

Within its development and historical metamorphosis, it suffered the invasion of the Vikings , who contributed new words, achieving some transformations that lasted over time. Despite the vicissitudes that the language had with the different influences, movements and changes, Old English became modern and established itself as a universal language.

It is important to note that the West Germanic languages, in addition to having English as a universal language, also have other languages ​​such as German, Yiddish, Dutch, Frisian and Afrikaans. Including the 3 traditional branches of the language, the Nordic Germanic, the East Germanic and the Germanic in general.

Use of negative used to in the English language

The use of the verb model “used to” in negative, expresses an action that did not occur in the past but is now true. The negative structure of “used to” is: subject plus did not used to, plus verb with complement . Example: He did not used to drink milk, but now he drinks two glass of milk every day.

Likewise, it should be noted that to make the negation with “used to” the did not “use to” is used, removing the used dat from it. This shows that something did not happen in the past , but that it does happen now.

Examples of sentences with used to in negative

  1. Matilde did not use to take her children to the park, but now she takes them every weekend.
  2. We did not use to get together to share thoughts and ventures, but now we do Because We Have Common Interests (We are not used to meet to share ideas , and empredimientos, but now if we do it because we have common interests)
  3. Jesús Alberto did not use to travel outside of Venezuela, but he had to do so for work reasons.
  4. Claudia and Andreina did not use to visit shopping centers, but now They Do It Because They get materials to make Their designs (Claudia and Andreina not used to visit the malls, but now they do because they get material for their designs )
  5. Lucy’s horse did not use to run around the meadow that much, but now it does because it feels free of old ties.
  6. The Vikings did not use to speak the English language, but after the invasions they crossed their dialect and assumed it as their language.
  7. Luisa Elena did not use to to go the cinema That Often, but now she does it came from relatives abroad Because (Luisa Elena did not often go to the movies so often , but now it is because they came from relatives abroad)
  8. did not use to see novels on television, but since Carlos Pérez stars in the 9 o’clock novel, I became addicted to that plot. I got addicted to that plot)
  9. María Eugenia did not use to write children’s stories, but since her children were born she has devoted herself to it with a lot of love. )
  10. We did not use to play porker in the country club «Los Cortijos» but now we do it respecting the rules to counteract the confinement due to the pandemic. the rules to counteract the confinement due to the pandemic)

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