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Examples of sentences with there

The word there is an adverb. The adverbs complement an adjective, a verb, a name, other adverbs and the same prayers. Adverbs express circumstances such as mode, place, time , quantity, affirmation , negation , among many other intentions.

There , as an invariable word (it does not express gender or number), it indicates a place (where? Where? Where?). The circumstance provided by this adverb is manifested in an action. In this way, he modifies those actions in sentences, either when characteristics are given or things are named to locate them in a place.

Also there is a complement of the verb, of the name or an adjective . This makes it reaffirm the construction of what you want to say in the sentence.

Characteristics of the adverb there

  • Provides information about the place or space of the action. For example there is the notebook.
  • Complement the action . For example: the meeting will be there at that table.

Denotation of the adverb there

  • From afar . For example: there in Australia.
  • From time past . For example: back in that time of my youth.
  • From time extrasensory . For example: we will see each other in the afterlife.
  • Of familiarity matter . For example: there she and her problems.
  • From circumstances of remote time . For example back in the 1960s, I remember …
  • Reinforcement of a cause and consequence . For example: I was not there due to family problems.
  • Equivalent to the adverb there . For example: there I stopped going because I did not like the attention.

Examples of sentences with there

  1. I’ll be waiting for you there at the usual restaurant.
  2. The afterlife may exist.
  3. Everything is possible when you feel that being there is recommended.
  4. In case I don’t arrive on time, look for me there at the office.
  5. Luis is there in the United States.
  6. Probably not attend there where you said.
  7. It is not possible nor does it seem that being there is convenient.
  8. We hope you get over your illness there at the hospital.
  9. There he and his life.
  10. What are you waiting for there ?
  11. The afterlife is almost an afterlife.
  12. We will meet there in heaven .
  13. I haven’t been there for a long time
  14. I’m a little upset because there I was not treated well.
  15. Each one with his life, there they with their performances.
  16. There , in that place of my memories.
  17. They did not understand the cause of their wrongdoing there in court.
  18. As a result of the sentence , Miguel will be there at his house in jail.
  19. Provided aside his bad mood, there will receive it with love.
  20. She was not treated badly, rather there people were tolerant.
  21. It should be noted that there you cannot be messy.
  22. Like you, I think that there in Spain people have a different concept of life.
  23. I saw the jam jar up there from the fridge.
  24. Just arrived, there attended her immediately.
  25. First of all, it is necessary for there to have the site ready.
  26. At the beginning of the meeting , there was a person there in the distance began to applaud.
  27. I miss your presence; but I know we’ll see each other there in heaven.
  28. I don’t know why there is always so much discussion in that office.

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