Examples of sentences with there, hay and ay

One of the most frequent errors found in the Spanish language is in relation to the distinction of the words called homophones and their writing.

What is a homophone word?

It is a word that has a pronunciation similar or identical to another but whose meaning is different, as well as its writing.

The confusion of the use of the words there , there and ay is that these can be expressed equally in oral language, but the writing is necessary to respect the orthographic rules . Thus, each of these words is used in a different way.

Word “there is”

It is the verb to have but conjugated in its impersonal form. It refers to something existing . It can be replaced by there was , there will be , there was or there would be .

10 Examples of sentences with the word hay

  1. There is a caterpillar in the yard
  2. There are no more apples
  3. I think there are 30 people invited
  4. There is fruit on the table
  5. There are a lot of people in the cinema today
  6. I think there is no one in the house anymore
  7. You have to read all of chapter 3 by tomorrow
  8. There are no more homework to do
  9. There’s an ice cream parlor on the next block
  10. In my room there are more toys

Word “there”

It is an adverb that refers to or designates a place (adverb of place). It is used within a sentence to indicate or indicate the distance of a place, something or someone with respect to something else. It can be replaced by adverbs of place like there or here .

10 examples of sentences with the word there

  1. There are the glasses you were looking for
  2. I want us to get there before noon
  3. There is my backpack
  4. My cousin lives there
  5. There are the notes
  6. That ‘s where i want to move
  7. There is what you asked for by mail
  8. The minister is there
  9. Who is there ?
  10. My friends are there

Word “ay”

It is an interjection. It is used to express emotions or feelings. Its use is more frequent in informal or oral language. Since it expresses an emotion or feeling, it is always written in exclamatory sentences. It can only be replaced by another interjection like oops !

10 examples of sentences with the word ay

  1. Ay ! I will miss you!
  2. Ow ! I hurt my finger
  3. Ay ! What pain I have!
  4. Ay ! I forgot the doctor’s appointment today
  5. Ay ! I think it started to snow
  6. Oh , my mother is angry about this!
  7. Oh , what happiness that you could come today!
  8. Ay , Caramba!
  9. Ay ! I have a lot of stomachache today
  10. Oh my arm!

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