Examples of sentences with the word vast and enough

The confusion of the words vast and sufficient is common since both have a different meaning that, depending on the context, it is correct to write with “b” or with “v”. The confusion is that these words are called homophone words because they sound the same but are written differently and their meaning is also different.

When is “b” used enough?

The word enough is used with “b” when speaking of the verb to be enough, but it is also used to refer to something or someone who is rough, clumsy or gross. Finally, coarse is used when the person refers to a type of sewing stitch. For instance:

    1. With this portion that you have served me, it is enough
    2. Basta ! I can’t stand this situation anymore
    3. That woman is very coarse and ordinary
    4. Oh! The thread of the hem has been broken

When is vasta used with “v” ‘?

Vast is used with “v” as a

indicating that something is broad or extensive. For example: your explanation has been very vast (broad or extensive).

10 Examples of sentences with the word vasta / o

  1. Behind that mountain lies a vast
  2. This country has a vast extension
  3. This time we have to say that a vast majority supported this project
  4. Your explanation has been very vast .
  5. The vast majority of children in Latin America have some degree of poor nutrition.
  6. We went on vacation to that vast island but I don’t remember its name now
  7. To get to his room, we had to go through a vast and dark corridor
  8. My grandfather is the bank manager and his salary is vast
  9. Here, wages are low, pensions paltry, and the informal economy is vast .
  10. In our school there is a vast population of children of different ethnicities.

10 Examples of sentences with the word enough

  1. These annotations are enough for me to understand
  2. To understand what the teacher said, just look at the blackboard.
  3. It is not enough to arrive early to class, you have to make an effort too.
  4. A single case of suspected bullying is enough to start educating and making children aware of this threat to them.
  5. It is enough to see how they treat each other to know if there is confrontation between them or not.
  6. I just want to say that it is enough to see how that broken glass turned out.
  7. What Sofia said is not enough for me ; I need to know more to understand mathematics because it costs me a lot.
  8. From now on this conclusion is not enough
  9. Enough , and stop shouting!
  10. Enough blaming your pet for being late.

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