Examples of sentences with the verb be

The verb be is the most important in the English language, it is used as an auxiliary verb, main verb and also in the passive voice. This is the only verb that consists of three conjugations in the present simple, the rest of the verbs only have two conjugations.

  • 1st person singular: I am.
  • 2nd person singular: You are.
  • 3rd person singular: He is, she is, it is.
  • 1st person plural: We are.
  • 2nd person plural: you are.
  • 3rd person plural: They are.

For sentences that are in the past simple , the verb be is the only one that has two conjugations, the rest of the verbs only have one.

The verb be in the company of an adjective , is used to describe a place or a person . If it is followed by a noun , it indicates the identification of a person or the relationship between several. If the verb be is followed by a preposition, it is emphasizing the place or origin of a person.

60 examples of sentences with the verb be

  1. She is a good studente: She is a good student.
  2. She is at the bank: She is at the bank.
  3. They are very intelligent: They are very intelligent.
  4. He is from Caracas: He is from Caracas.
  5. You are from Spain: You are from Spain.
  6. You are wrong: You are wrong.
  7. This cell phone is broken: This cell phone is broken.
  8. She is sick: She is sick.
  9. You are an excellent lawyer: You are an excellent lawyer.
  10. I am a happy boy: I am a happy boy.
  11. The man is in the car: The man is in the car.
  12. The keys are by the window: The keys are next to the window.
  13. I am working: I am working.
  14. It is noon: It’s noon.
  15. It is hot: It is hot.
  16. It is a cloudy day: It is a cloudy day.
  17. We are friends: We are friends.
  18. They are very good neighbors: They are very good neighbors.
  19. She is the leader of the group: She is the leader of the group.
  20. You are the future of the country: You are the future of the country.
  21. This game is funny: This game is fun.
  22. I am a biologist: I am a biologist.
  23. We are a happy marriage: We are a happy marriage.
  24. He is a despot president: He is a despot president.
  25. Twenty students are in the classroom: Twenty students are in the classroom.
  26. He is next: He is next.
  27. I am tall and fat: I am tall and fat.
  28. She is a young doctor: She is a young doctor.
  29. The farm is far away: The farm is far away.
  30. The day is rainy: The day is rainy.
  31. Luisa is pregnant: Luisa is pregnant.
  32. They are wounded: They are wounded.
  33. He is angry: He is angry.
  34. It is a sunny day: It is a sunny day.
  35. I am the new student: I am the new student.
  36. Annie and I are old friends: Annie and I are old friends.
  37. You are busy: You are busy.
  38. Felipe is sad: Felipe is sad.
  39. They are my cousins: They are my cousins.
  40. Italian food is delicious: Italian food is delicious.
  41. His eyes are Green: His eyes are green.
  42. She is twenty-five years old: She is 25 years old.
  43. I am ready: I ​​am ready.
  44. Margaret is my sister: Margarita is my sister.
  45. My friend Brenda is British: My friend Brenda is British.
  46. Brenda’s boyfriend is tall, white, and slim: Brenda’s boyfriend is tall, white, and slim.
  47. You are very nice: You are very nice.
  48. It is cold outside. It’s cold outside.
  49. We are all human: We are all human.
  50. You are always nice to me: You are always nice to me.
  51. I am at the supermarket: I am at the supermarket.
  52. He is their older brother: He is his older brother.
  53. London is a magnificent city: London is a magnificent city.
  54. Laura is in the park with her daughter: Laura is in the park with her daughter.
  55. We are from the same team: We are from the same team.
  56. He is a renowned writer: He is a renowned writer.
  57. You are a lovely woman: You are a lovely woman.
  58. She is fine: She is fine.
  59. You are the youngest son: You are the youngest son.
  60. They are excellent teachers: They are excellent teachers.

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