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The daily use of English has become a constant nationally and internationally. Above all, in the countries of America there is a great identification with North American English, despite the fact that its pronunciation differs somewhat from British English.

The acquisition of vocabulary in English has become a vital part of common learning, for various reasons, as learning an additional language provides the individual with greater opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Giving the opportunity to know idioms and expressions in English nourish the academic part of those who do it and to use the signs as it should be, is essential both in work and academically.

There are many ways to improve your English pronunciation, it can be through videos, TV shows, listening to live conversations such as conferences, forums, interviews, movies, etc.

Use of since in the English language

Since means “since” or “since” and this is used to indicate something specific that occurs in time, be it the time on the clock, a specific date, the years of marriage or a birthday.

In addition, the word since is also used to refer to the beginning of a period of time that continues in the present. And it translates as “from” in Spanish, always using it as if it were a very determining point of time in the past. The “since” is always used with the perfect tenses.

Differences between since and for

Among the differences that can be mentioned regarding the use of the terms “for” and “since” include the following:

  • For tends to indicate duration or period of time, that is why it is translated in Spanish as “during”, since it cannot be used as “all” in the case of “all day” or “all the time”.
  • For can be used in all verb tenses. Taking into account that the word “during” is also translated as “during”, which is a preposition of time, whose meaning is “in the course of an action or event.
  • For its part, “since” is used at the beginning of a period of time that then follows the present. This word or word is translated as “from” in the Spanish language and is used to be used as a determining point of time in the past tense .
  • The term “since” is always used with perfect tenses.

Examples of sentences with since

  1. He is been off work since last Friday
  2. We were been living here since about 1995
  3. Since last year I have no time
  4. I live in California since 1999 (I live in California since 1999)
  5. Mary went to live in Spain since 1990 permanently (Mary went to live in Spain since 1990 permanently)
  6. Since the war ended in the world there were not so many deaths until the pandemic arrived
  7. I haven’t been to New York since 1980 when I went to visit my grandfather
  8. Since I met my cousin Juan, we have not stopped watching old movies
  9. Leticia and Pedro have not celebrated their anniversary since 2001 when they had their first child.
  10. The birthday of my nephew Miguel is a day celebrated since 2017, when he blessed us with his presence.
  11. Since 1989, Germany has been considered a single nation, which watches over democracy in the world.
  12. I want to do the baptism of my daughter Cristina since last year, but due to the flu it is still postponed
  13. Since I met my idol in 2012 I have not stopped buying his record material (Since I met my idol in 2012 I have not stopped buying his record material)
  14. My husband and I have not celebrated our wedding anniversary since 2018, because our baby is still very small.
  15. Princess Diana died since, British royalty has Lost its shine (Since she died Princess Diana, British royalty has lost its luster)

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