Examples of sentences with should

The modal auxiliary “Should” is used when we want to make a suggestion or recommend something, for example, “you should study more for the final exam”, “you should study more for the final test”, we will give some examples of sentences with should more ahead.

Sentence structure with should

    • All modal verbs will be used in this order: subject + modal + verb
    • The verb will be in the infinitive , it is not conjugated or used “to” before the verb
    • The modal verb should does not change according to the subject, it is the same for all personal pronouns
    • Used when we tell someone that they “should” do something
    • Its negative form is should + not = shouldn´t
  • For the interrogative form we start with the auxiliary “Should” at the beginning of the sentence and end with a question mark

15 Examples of sentences with chould

  1. We shouldn’t be talking about this
  2. You shouldn’t do that (you shouldn’t do that)
  3. You should go to the Doctor (should go to the Doctor )
  4. He should know it
  5. Mary should get some more sleep
  6. Adam should go out more often
  7. Should we stay or should we go? (Should we stay or should we go?)
  8. We should go to the gym (we should go to the gym)
  9. She should go on vacation
  10. He should apologize for what he did
  11. We should follow the rules
  12. She should wait until tomorrow
  13. Should I arrive early to His work (He should arrive early to their work )
  14. She should pay what she owes
  15. Should we celebrate His birthday ( we should celebrate his birthday )

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