Examples of sentences with second conditional

The English language, over time, has managed to establish itself universally. There are approximately one billion inhabitants who use the English language . This means that it competes in third place with the Mandarin language and Spanish.

It is estimated that it is the official language of approximately 60 sovereign states. It also has a great influence on the economic , political , scientific , military and cultural order , which comes from its appearance in Great Britain and the United Kingdom.

English has managed to spread prominently throughout the world, and is one of the major languages ​​of international discourse and of the lingua franca in a number of regions. It is a language that has the privilege of being taught as a second language in numerous educational systems, an aspect that has allowed it to achieve a status of intellectual superiority.

It should be noted that the English language has become the official language of a large number of countries and is one of the official languages ​​of the European Union , apart from also being it in large world organizations.

The language known as modern English comes from various Germanic dialects that are popularly known as the Anglo-Saxon language. In addition, the English word is a derivative of the term “aenglisc”, widely applied to Anglos.

Use of the second conditional in the English language

The second conditional is a conditional model used to express oneself about some facts that are utopian, very difficult for them to occur in the future. It is generally used to manifest hypothetical things related to the present, where the possibility of them happening is almost impossible.

Also, if you want to replace the conditional with a modal verb (could or might) there would be no problem, I would only change in that this possibility would be less likely.

The second conditional is also used in the case that the verb of the subordinate sentence is “to be” , there “were” would be used for all people. Also, the second conditional can be used when you want to give advice.

As for the structure of the second conditional, it is composed of If , more simple past, more simple conditional (with the modal verbs might and could).

Examples of sentences with second conditional

  1. If I were a better student, I would get better grades
  2. If I were a millionaire , I would buy a private plane
  3. If we visited the Eiffel tower, we could go up to it and see the whole city of Paris
  4. If we traveled to the Bolivar state, we could travel the LLovizna bridge in all its breadth
  5. If Carlos Luis prepares as an astronaut , maybe he could take a trip to the moon
  6. If I could survive in the Sahara Desert , maybe I could visit it more often
  7. If my godmother Rosario had a melodious voice , she could consecrate herself as a singer
  8. If the singer Celine Dion recorded an album in Spanish , perhaps she would be able to consolidate more in Latin countries.
  9. If I were a seasoned nasa scientist , maybe I could take a trip to the moon
  10. If they had not operated on my knees , I could buy some high-heeled shoes.
  11. If I knew President Biden , I would ask him to free the country from such hardship.
  12. If I had a race car , I could participate in Formula 1 in various competitions
  13. If I could participate in Miss Venezuela , I would buy a dress from the designer Giovanni Scutaro ( If I could participate in Miss Venezuela , I would buy a dress from the designer Giovanni Scutaro)
  14. If I could travel to Italy one day , I would visit the Sistine Chapel to appreciate the art of Michelangelo Buonarroti.

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