Examples of sentences with prepositions of place in English

The prepositions of place are the expressions that establish the position of a person or object. Most of them are located just after the main action or verb of the sentence:

Subject (Subject) + Verb (Word) + Preposition of place (place preposition) + Complement ( Complement )

Mariano is in the house (Mariano is in the house)

How do prepositions of place work?

There are many prepositions of place, but we will mention the best known, explaining how they work.

Above (Above, above)

They are used when something is on top of a subject or object, although it is not necessarily parallel or directly.

Look at that birs! It is flying above the buildings. Look at that bird! It is flying over the buildings.

Across from (Opposite to, opposite)

Like the preposition in front of , the preposition across from tells us that the object or subject is located directly in front of another subject or object.

The bank is across from the train station. The bank is in front of the train station.

At (In)

Use this preposition, if the object or subject is in a specific place.

Julia an Mark are at church. Julia and Mark are at church.


We use it when the subject or object is behind another subject or object.

The present is behind you. The gift is behind you.


We use it when the subject or object is under another subject or object, but there is no physical contact between them:

The book is bellow the table. The book is under the table.


It tells us when a subject or object is in the middle of two or more subjects or objects.

Our house is between a store and a bakery. Our house is between a store and a bakery.

In (In, Inside)

We use it when the object or subject is in a three-dimensional space, in a country or city, or when it is doing something within a place.

Daniela is in the mal. Daniela is in the mall .

Daniela is in the hospital. Daniela is in the hospital (Dana is a doctor and works in the hospital)

In front

This preposition is useful to express that the object is located in front of another subject or object:

The police station is in front of the school. The police station is in front of the school.

Next to (Next to, next to)

This preposition tells us that an object or subject is next to another subject or object.

Why didn’t you sit next to me? Why didn’t you sit next to me?


Use this name when an object or subject is on a straight surface.

The book is on the desk. The book is on the desk.


It is used to indicate that something is immediately on an object , and one covers the other. It also works for subjects.

Please, putt he tablecloth over the table. Please put the tablecloth on the table .


Although Under means the same as Below, each preposition of place is used for a different context. Under can be used when there is physical contact between both subjects or objects.

I’m really comfortable under my blankets. I am very comfortable under my sheets.

Examples of sentences with prepositions of place in English

  1. The cat is on the table. (The cat is on the table)
  2. He put the book upon the table. (He put the book on the table)
  3. The title is at the top of page. (The title is at the top of the page)
  4. I am in (I am in Rome)
  5. The food is inside the oven. (The food is in the oven)
  6. The phone is on the table. (The phone is on the table)
  7. Is not a good idea to With esta (Not a good idea in this climate)
  8. There are insects below (There are bugs beneath you)
  9. The dog is under the table. (The dog is under the table)
  10. You cannot breath beneath the surface. (You can’t breathe below the surface)
  11. Stand by me, you will be ok. (Stay next to me, you’ll be fine)
  12. I live near Palo Alto, in San Francisco. (I live near Palo Alto, in San Francisco)
  13. A slow smile worked its way across his face and into his eyes. (A slow smile worked its way across her face and into her eyes)
  14. She was standing next to (She was standing next to me)
  15. This is between you and me, not the entire country. (This is between you and me, not the whole country)

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