Examples of sentences with prepositions in English

One of the complex elements of sentences in English is the use of prepositions, since the translation varies according to the context or idea of ​​the writer. However, most of them can be grouped according to the categories of temporality, spatiality, mobility and others.

Sentences with prepositions in English

To facilitate understanding of the use of prepositions , we will start with:

Prepositions of temporality

  1. After. After dinner I’ll be with you. After dinner i will be with you.
  2. Around. He stopped by around four o’clock. I have passed by here around four o’clock.
  3. Aug (ago). Three years ago. Three years ago.
  4. At (In). At the end of the year we will be together. At the end of the year we will be together.
  5. Between. Between nine and seventeen years is adolescence. Between nine and seventeen is the teenage years.
  6. During. During the winter you have to take shelter near the stove . During the winter you have to take shelter near the cooker.
  7. From (During, from, from). For three days it was the rain. For three days it was raining. I got a nice award from my parents. I got a nice prize from my parents.
  8. Past. Three twenty in the afternoon. Quarter past three.
  9. By. I’ll be back after noon. I will be back after midday.
  10. Before. Before 1492 there was no colonization in America. Before 1492 there was no colonization in America.
  11. On. On Saturday afternoon. On Saturday afternoon.

Prepositions of spatiality

  1. At (In). I am at work all day. I’m at work all day.
  2. Above. On top of the bed . Above the bed.
  3. Below (low). Under the ground are the roots. Under the earth are the roots.
  4. Beside (Next to). Next to the house my favorite park. Beside the house my park.
  5. Nex to (Next to). Next to you. next to you.
  6. Under Under the sheets I want to be. Under the sheets I want to be.

Mobility prepositions

  1. Onto (Envelope). Jump into the pool. Jumping into the pool.
  2. Over. The train goes over the bridge. The train goes over the bridge.
  3. Through. Through the phone lines. Through the telephone lines.

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