Examples of sentences with personal pronouns in English

Sentences with personal pronouns in English

Personal pronouns in English are used to replace or refer to the subject or subjects participating in the action. Below are the different existing personal pronouns in the English language.


  • I (I)
  • You
  • He (He)
  • She
  • It (This, this)


  • We (We, we)
  • You
  • They

The pronoun ‘I’, which is equivalent to ‘yo’ in Spanish, must always be capitalized, otherwise it would be seen as a misspelling. The pronoun ‘it’ has no equivalent in Spanish and can be used as a personal pronoun or as an object pronoun. (See sentences with it in English ).

For its part, the pronoun ‘you’ can be used to refer to the Spanish pronoun ‘tú’ or for the plural pronoun ‘tú ‘. To distinguish which of the two is the one used, you must pay attention to the context of the sentence.

Examples of sentences with personal pronouns in English

  • I am good student.
  • You are really fun.
  • He is living in Europe (He is living in Europe)
  • She adores dogs.
  • Today it rains a lot in the city.
  • We study English.
  • You are very serious.
  • They wanted to earn money.
  • I am happy.
  • You are very smart.
  • He deserves punishment.
  • She is my cousin (She is my cousin).
  • It is absolutely impossible.
  • We are brothers.
  • You are crazy.
  • They are married.
  • I hear music.
  • You can’t understand me.
  • He needs discipline.
  • She worked hard.
  • It is too expensive.
  • We drink everything.
  • You can leave your dog with me if you travel
  • They are facing financial problems.
  • I cooked dinner.
  • You should sleep.
  • I have enjoyed cycling.
  • She bought chicken.
  • It often snows here
  • We dislike violence.
  • You must walk before you can run.
  • They constructed a new government.

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