Examples of sentences with negative can

The English is descended from some languages or dialects that emerged from the existence of the Anglo Germanic tribes, which were installed in Britain during the Christian era. Later, it manages to impose itself as an authentic and official language, coming to be called modern English.

Today, political and economic powers , along with other academic and military influences, especially in the United States, are making the English language the most important language in the world .

It is a language that has spread in a large number of countries , for the year 2000 it was estimated that the number of people who communicated through the English language exceeded 1600 million.

The English language, because it has an official character, has become an essential language for business , communication, culture and the internet, necessary for its transcendence and for its acceptance alongside other languages ​​such as Spanish and the Mandarin.

The English is a language that includes countries such as the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada and Australia . Also some regions of Europe, like in Germany, France, Poland, Italy and Russia. In the latter countries, English speech ranges from 7% to 51%. This means that despite the fact that these nations have their own language, the English language has managed to reach the most dissimilar cultures .

Use of the negative can in sentences

The verb can in Spanish means power . It is a very used verb in the English language, since it allows to express:

  • Probability of some events
  • The suitability or capacity of people or things
  • Give or request permission
  • Offer or ask for things

The verb can has as an essential feature, being very flexible, since it allows its use in countless situations . Its basic structure consists of the following: pronoun plus noun plus can plus action of the verb plus complement.

Regarding negative sentences, their structure is as follows : pronoun plus name plus can’t plus action of the verb plus complement. These sentences of a negative nature tend to preserve the action of the verb, that is, the verb does not change depending on the person of whom it is spoken.

The contraction “can´t” is very common in the English language , both when writing and speaking.

Examples of sentences with negative can

  1. Pedro can’t run. I was operated on His Knees in a clinic in the capital city (Pedro can not run. He had surgery on a knee clinic Capital )
  2.  Rosalía can’t remember, she has a memory problem for some time.
  3. Manuel and Sofía can’t come today. They go to the birthday of their son Eduardo (Manuel and Sofía cannot come today. They go to the birthday of their son Eduardo)
  4. The concert can’t be held, because the musicians and singers did not arrive in the country
  5. can’t give the lecture I promised you, because I have a very bad throat condition
  6. We can’t make the trip that we had planned, since it was not possible to get the air tickets.
  7. The magician Merlin can’t perform his magic act. His rabbit Lalo, died this morning (The magician Merlin cannot perform his magic act. His rabbit Lalo died this morning)
  8. Albertina can’t Recognize her are Alberto in the prosecution, Because This unit is closed due to the pandemic (Albertina can not recognize the fiscalia his son Alberto, because this dependence is closed by the pandemic)
  9. The Guzmán brothers can’t paint Mrs. Elba’s car. The paint They bought is expired (Guzman brothers can not paint the car of Mrs. Elba. The painting bought has expired)
  10. can’t support the bad behavior that Fernando has, he acts in a rude way with respect to the rest of his brothers. brothers)
  11. Matilde can´t quit the job she does in Rodolfo’s workshop. She has many commitments to fulfill in the financial aspect.
  12. Julieta can’t sell her dress. She needs it for the event on Friday (Julieta cannot sell her dress. She needs it for the event on Friday)

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