Examples of sentences with must in English

Must is a modal verb used to express a duty or obligation to do something. The sentence can be written to refer to “have to” or “must” of. Must, serves to affirm, deny or question.

Affirmative sentences with must

To write affirmative sentences you must be guided by this structure: subject + must + verb + complement .

  1. I have to go to school every day. I must go to school every day.
  2. You must do your homework. You must do your homework.
  3. She must attend the dance tonight. She must attend the ball tonight.
  4. He must think about what he will do tomorrow. He must think about what he will do tomorrowThey must interpret the song in harmony. They must interpret the song in harmony.
  5. You must know the documents of that case. You should know the documents in that case.
  6. We must give an opinion in favor of the project . We must have a say in favor of the project.
  7. Those windshields should be replaced soon. Those windscreens must be changed soon.

Negative sentences with must

To write negative sentences with must, you must place the particle not after must. You can write the sentences with or without contraction.

Sentences with must without contraction

  1. She must not bring her children. She must not take her children.
  2. I must not think so badly. I must not think so badly.
  3. You must not open that door. You must not open that door.
  4. He must not forget his French class. He must not forget his French class.

Sentences with must with contraction

  1. I shouldn’t go to the movies . I shouldn’t go to the cinema.
  2. You should not answer like this. You shouldn’t answer like this.
  3. They should not play today. They shouldn’t play today.
  4. We should not compare that test. we shouldn’t compare that test.

Interrogative sentences with must

  1. Should you visit your dad? Must visit his father?
  2. Should she sing better? She must sing better?
  3. Shouldn’t he run? He shouldn’t run?
  4. Should you cancel the trip? You must cancel the trip?
  5. Is it necessary to cook now? It must be cooked now?

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