Examples of sentences with many

The English language within its composition comes from the various influences of Old Norse, derived from the Viking invasions that occurred in Great Britain during the 8th and 9th centuries.

It is relevant to note that most of the terms or words in English have their origin in Latin roots , since this was the lingua franca of Christianity and the European intellectual order.

When Normandy conquers England, linguistic exchanges of the language take place, entering a Latin root coupled with conventional vocabularies, designing an orthography that apparently had a close proximity to the Romance languages , which at the time generated Middle English.

Later, the vowel displacement that began in England gave way to the emergence of modern English , made up of all that variety of words from different languages, which managed to bring together a wide vocabulary.

The grammar and lexicon of languages ​​within their literary evolution have been strengthened, opening up large dictionaries , where the terms to be used within an orthographic and grammatical order are formally established.

Use of the many in the English language and its difference with the much

The term many is used when speaking of a plural noun and for things that can be counted, that is, for countable objects. Countable nouns are generally used with a number and have both plural and singular forms.

The term many can also be used when asking questions and in negative clauses.

The much for its part, is used when speaking of a noun in the singular, in common cases for things that cannot be counted, that is, for uncountable objects. It is important to note that uncountable nouns can only be used in the singular, which means that they cannot be used with a number.

It can be said that among the uncountable objects there are abstract nouns such as love, but almost all things have the possibility of becoming countable according to their typology . Much and many in English are used with negatives and questions based on quantities of things.

An example of accountants would be the word people , which means “persons or people” and can be quantified. Otherwise, it is the term “money” which is uncountable, since what is counted are dollars, reais or euros.

Examples of sentences with many

  1. José Manuel has many combs in his bathroom (José Manuel has many combs in his bathroom)
  2. Maria’s house has many flowers in the garden That are in different pots (House of Mary has many flowers in the garden that are in different materos)
  3. We Have bought many curtains for the office in the city center (We have bought many curtains for the office in the center of the city )
  4. They have had many difficulties to get to Caracas on the trolleybus from the city of Valencia
  5. Leopoldo has had many weeks out of the country for work reasons in the United States
  6. Bromeliad has bought many sacks of food for her beloved dog this weekend.
  7. Carmen Luisa has many self-help books in her library that Carlos gave her as a gift (Carmen Luisa has many self-help books in her library that Carlos gave her)
  8. We buy many notebooks for the students when classes start at school
  9. Daniela and Cornelio traveled many kilometers from Táchira to Colombia to look for Marito (Daniela and Cornelio traveled many kilometers from Táchira to Colombia to look for Marito)
  10. Rosendo and Amilcar accumulated many glass bottles from the party over the weekend They Made to sell them (Rosendo and Amilcar accumulated many glass bottles the party that hiceron the weekend to sell)
  11. In Tomasa’s bookstore they have many colored pencils for those who like painting and art
  12. Mrs. Catalina has in her farm many birds of showy colors that adorn with their song in the fatherra.
  13. The university students gave many works to Leonardo so that he could evaluate them and record the grade.

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