Examples of sentences with just in the present perfect

For the word just, we will find a great variety of meanings according to the context, since this is one of the most used in the English language , so we will give you some examples of sentences with just in the present perfect .

What are the meanings of just ?

It is important to know what is the use of just and its meaning in each case, in order to identify its translation into Spanish. Sometimes there will be no translation of this word because the context of preposition of it.

Just as an adverb of time

It is used as an adverb of time ; when the sentence is in the present perfect . In this case, it is to indicate something recent that has happened in the present, and its translation is as follows: finish of and recently.

Example of a sentence with just : “Alice has just made a cake. Would you like some? ” its translation into Spanish would look like this: “Alice just made a cake. Do you want some?”

As we can see, the sentence with the adverb ” just” in the present perfect is assembled as follows: subject + have / has + just + verb (participle) + (the complement) .

Also just means “just”, which means “immediately”; and is used in the following sentences:

  • “Just when I thought it was the end, medical help arrived” ” Just when I thought the end had come , medical help appeared.”

Just as an adverb of mode

It is used as an adverb of mode when we are going to say: “simply, only and so alone”; so it is an equivalent to ” only “, this case is used as follows: subject + just + ( the verb in the present, but also in the past) .

Here we will focus on the present tense, as in the following sentence: “He just earns enough to make it through the month” He only earns enough to get through the month.

Also in this same section, just means “precisely and exactly”; then it would be used as an expression in speech to indicate affirmation, as we will see in the following example:

  • “Your cat looks just like mine” “Your cat looks exactly like mine.”

Just as an adjective

It is used as an adjective when we want to say something legal like: “fair, honest and legal” and we can visualize its use in the following example:

  • “The criminal got a just punishment” “The criminal got his deserved punishment.”

This can vary its translation according to the context of the sentence. Let’s look at another example:

  • “Making just decisions can be very difficult” “Take more decisions just may be somewhat difficult.”

As you can see, depending on the context it can be a different meaning, although always oriented to justice.

Just as an emphasis particle

It is used in a sentence where the word just only serves to give emphasis, since it has no translation in these cases, usually to be more expressive with successes in certain actions, as we will see in the following examples:

  • ” Just leave me alone!” Leave me alone! – at once!
  • “I just love chocolate!” Chocolate drives me crazy!

They are sentences of expression and just does not have a translation, and its only function is to accompany the sentence to give emphasis to the expression.

Just as expressive phrases

They are used in sentences and these tend to have several meanings here we will name the most used: “just in time” (just in time), “just about” (almost), “just in case” (just in case / in case) you need), “just so” (if / understood / affirmative) and “just so you know” (that you know / so that you find out) ; all of these are used in “present perfect” in sentences of English words.

10 Examples of sentences with just in the present perfect

These are the examples of sentences with just in the present perfect, we will mark in bold the English word just and its translation in Spanish in some cases there will be no translation because it considers an emphasis word in English:

  1. It is just twenty three minutes past five. – It’s exactly five twenty-three.
  2. Just look at that dress she’s wearing! – Look at that dress she’s wearing!
  3. Nick has just moved to New Jersey. – Nick just moved to New Jersey.
  4. Does they just bought a new microwave? – Did they just buy a new microwave?
  5. She’s just arrived recently of graduation dance – She just recently arrived from prom.
  6. just leave my room for moved to park! – I just left my room to move to the park!
  7. He just moved at site more grand! – You just moved to the greatest place!
  8. Just so you know !, she has just finished the homework – just so you know !, she just finished her homework.
  9. just saw a puppy thats looks exactly like mine – I just see a puppy that looks exactly like mine.
  10. They just did a ten and a half hour job – they just do a job ten and a half hours.
  11. How did you finish office work so quickly if you just arrived? – How did you finish your office work so quickly if you just arrived?

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