Examples of sentences with indefinite pronouns

The indefinite pronouns, compared with other pronouns , have the effect of leaving some entities to which they generally refer unidentified, or identifying them superficially.

The pronouns not replace people or things concretely, as they have a conceptual base that refer to a concept. In the case of indefinite pronouns, academically speaking of quantitative pronouns that are used to designate an indeterminate number of things or objects. This makes it possible to admit a gradation .

Properly indefinite pronouns are those that will always have the category of pronouns, such as: nobody or someone. There are also the so-called pronouns of the speech that have an indefinite character, that when they are not accompanied by a noun they occupy the place of the pronoun , such as: none or some.

In addition, indefinite pronouns always tend to indicate an identity or quantity in an undetermined way , therefore, it can be said that they are imprecise. However, these pronouns are used frequently in the Spanish language, because they allow variations of numbers and gender.

Some of them are only used in the plural or singular . They always precede a noun and others substitute it being in agreement with it.

Types of indefinite pronouns

  1. Some
  2. Other
  3. Much
  4. Little
  5. Too
  6. Everything
  7. Certain
  8. So much
  9. Pretty
  10. Any
  11. Any
  12. Whoever
  13. Whoever
  14. Several
  15. No
  16. Somebody
  17. Something
  18. Plus
  19. Less
  20. Any
  21. Nobody
  22. Any
  23. Each

Examples of sentences with indefinite pronouns

  1. There is always a friend who is ready to help us when we need it
  2. The other day I was on a television channel and participated in a live program
  3. Last night it was very cold and I had to turn on the stove to be able to fall asleep
  4. When the flowers receive little light they tend to wither quickly
  5. I have too many questions to ask you, but I don’t know if you are willing to answer them all.
  6. Ricardo Enrique goes to the academy pool every day, because he wants to exercise for his next competition in Orlando
  7. Sometimes I have a certain fear of giving recommendations to some people because they take it the wrong way
  8. Last night the sky was covered with so many stars that I took my camera and made a video of that beautiful moment
  9. At Christmas time, they eat quite a lot of hams and ham bread during family dinners.
  10. Pedro is able to read any book that deals with scientific topics because he is an extensive academic
  11. Anyone can take a trip to the Los Roques archipelago to be ecstatic with its natural beauty
  12. Several exhibitors participated in the event that took place on Saturday, and they took on the task of dealing with various topics
  13. Matilde said she had no problem accepting the labor agreement approved by the company’s managers
  14. Last semester someone promised me that he was going to lend me a thesis to do my journalism work
  15. Every time I go home, I bring something to the elderly so that they can brighten their day and share with each other.
  16. Mr. Eusebio has more money than Maria’s godfather, he flaunts it frequently
  17. Evelia is younger than my mom, but she seems the opposite
  18. At the fair where we were on Saturday there was nothing to buy, all the prices were high and the merchandise was not of good quality
  19. When I was at your farm in the state of Barinas, I did not find anyone in it, therefore, I had to return to Caracas
  20. It can happen to anyone that when they think they have learned everything they realize that they still have a lot to know
  21. In my family, each one has his or her own character and we all accept each other with strengths and weaknesses.
  22. In none of my friends I like to go to the beach without them carry supplies to eat
  23. I bought a lot of apples at the market and then realized that they were in bad shape
  24. In another of my friends last week, they stole the cell phone and wallet near the police station
  25. At the hairdresser, everyone chooses the haircut that they want to do as long as it goes according to their style.
  26. At any time I will call you to accompany me to the supermarket to buy some groceries to take to my grandmother
  27. I do not accept anyone giving me orders, because I have enough capacity to make my own decisions
  28. Nothing bothers my cousin Mauricio , because he has a very jovial character and adapts to any situation
  29. In the celebrations of the club it is not accepted any busybody because they are usually saboteurs office
  30. I went to the doctor and was treated by another doctor who was nice and very honest in her profession
  31. In the area where I live every morning the neighbors agree to jog together
  32. There are many opinions regarding what we are going to do in the carnival season.

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