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The English language represents a West Germanic style of grammar . It comes from British dialects ranging from various parts including northeast Germany and southern Denmark all the way to the north of the Netherlands.

It can be said that the English language has had the opportunity to expand from being a Germanic language, related to Old German, and that otherwise it was about to die when the famous Norman invasion of William the conqueror occurred to a clearly international language .

The Old English stood out because it was a set of different dialects that somehow expressing the multiple origins of the Anglo – Saxon kingdoms called a country of tradition as it is England.

It is important to note that one of those dialects known as the late west saxon (late western Saxon), in a certain situation acted as the dominant of the language.

The original and ancient English language was influenced by invasive waves, where the first was constituted by speakers of the Scandinavian branch of the Germanic languages, who were the ones who conquered and colonized part of Britain.

The second wave was represented by the Normans during the 11th century. They spoke Old Norman and managed to develop a variety of English, which they called Anglo-Norman. It could be argued that these two waves or invasions produced the mixture of the language.

Use of in in the English language

The rules for the use of some prepositions in English favor users, especially when it comes to the spoken or written language. There are some simple rules that help differentiate some prepositions in terms of their placement within a sentence or paragraph.

One of them is the preposition “In”, which means “inside” or “inside”. The rules to follow for its use are:

  • In closed spaces: for example: in my house, in the living room
  • Inside objects: for example: in the book, in the box
  • Places where boundaries are defined: for example: in the football pitch, in the park
  • Countries and cities: for example: In England, In Germany, in France
  • Faced with long periods of time: for example: years, centuries, seasons, decades or months: In summer, in 2021, in January
  • The parts of the day: for example: in the afternoon, in the morning
  • When it comes to a corner within a room: for example: in the corner

Examples of sentences with in

  1. Keep my watch in the box I have in my room
  2. I left in the car the food that I would take for work in the interior of the country
  3. My boyfriend gave me a beautiful ring in a box That simulated a rose, to show me his love (My boyfriend gave me a beautiful ring in a box simulating a rose, to show me your love )
  4. I just put all the books in the trunk to keep them out of the humidity
  5. In the morning I went jogging as part of the physical training that I must follow for my metabolism.
  6. My nephew went to play in the park with his soccer ball and score several goals for the team.
  7. In the United States I visited many wonderful places like Disneyland in Orlando, Florida (In the United States I visited many wonderful places like Disneyland in Orlando, Florida)
  8. When I went to France in the city of Paris I could appreciate how beautiful the Eiffel Tower is with its lights
  9. Every morning I go swimming in the club’s pool to do cardiovascular and respiratory exercises
  10. In February I went to a party with my boyfriend where there were some very beautiful children.
  11. In 2021 I want the pandemic to end and for the world to stabilize its economy again.
  12. Yesterday I found in the closet of my room some shoes That my best friend gave me (Yesterday I found in the closet of my room shoes that gave me my best friend )

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