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The use of the English language has spread for generations, becoming a universal language. Their vocabulary is an essential element for learning the language. Internalizing idioms and expressions will strengthen the most common expressions and proverbs in spoken English.

Your writing is vitally important in work and academics. English is an Anglo-Saxon language that occupies all levels and modalities of the educational system and is the most widespread in the world after the Spanish and Mandarin languages.

This language also has a political , scientific and cultural impact , as well as an economic and military impact in many countries, where Great Britain and the United Kingdom stand out. English is present in all speeches, events, rallies, conferences, as well as many other uses in a variety of regions.

It is also used, in general lines, as a lingua franca among those who express different languages ​​in a great majority in the countries of the world. Its teaching as a second language in educational systems has provided the student with a more complete and comprehensive intellectual training.

Using the for in the English language

The word for is used when speaking of a destination or to speak of the recipient of a gift. And in some cases for plus the gerund is used to say or express something about a function (a tool or an application).

For is a preposition in English that is not used as in the Spanish language and according to the use that is given it tends to change its meaning.

Differences between for and to in the English language

Prepositions are words that if we can master them we will achieve progress in our level of languages ​​very similar to a national.

The differences between for and to are somewhat complex because in the Spanish language to and for is translated as the preposition “para”. While in the English language to and for are used in different contexts.

That is, for means purpose and to exchange or motive of something towards someone. The to is translated in the Spanish language “a” or as “para” and for is translated as reason or intention to do something. So, it is the indirect object of an object or the benefit of doing something. It is translated as “by” or “for”.

For is used when we reaffirm that a certain action occurs for something or for someone or for something or for someone.

Examples of sentences with for

  1. She is been on the phone for hours
  2. I have not seen her for about three weeks
  3. I’ve been traveling for about two weeks around the world
  4. Peter goes on vacation to Florida for a month to see his cousins ​​(Peter goes on vacation to Florida for a month to see his cousins)
  5. Carlos has been trying to solve the problem for three weeks
  6. I’m going with my family to the beach for three days to sunbathe and rest
  7. My classes in the morning are for about three hours before lunch
  8. I go for four hours to the beach with my boyfriend on the weekend
  9. I was in line for four hours at the supermarket to cancel some bananas
  10. My friends the brunettes during mass read the psalm for three hours
  11. The wedding of Pedro and Teresa was for about three hours in the beautiful church.
  12. The flight to Paris was for about ten hours due to the stopover in Madrid (The flight to Paris was for about ten hours due to the stopover in Madrid)
  13. The gas line is for about five hours if the gandola arrives early.
  14. I was in labor for about four hours before meeting my baby
  15. My mom and I went to the mountains for about two hours to see the city

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