Examples of sentences with e eh and he

One of the most frequent doubts is that in relation to how to write sentences with ” e “, ” eh ” or ” he “. When using the “ e ” connector to replace the “ y ”, some people confuse how it should be written. This confusion lies, perhaps, in the fact that both ” e “, ” he ” and ” eh ” are words that exist and are currently used in the Spanish language, although with different meanings . Next, we will detail what the meaning is for each of these words and when it is correct to use them.

” He “

It is written ” he ” when referring to the verb have that is conjugated in the first person. For example: I have come to visit you but I did not find you.

” E “

It is a copulative conjunction ; the “ e ” is used when it should be substituted for the “ y ”. This occurs when the next word begins with ” hi ” or with ” i “. For example: The lawyer spoke to her and insisted that she not testify against the defendant.

” Eh “

It is an expression that can be used in questions or exclamations. It is often used to ask, reprimand, call or warn about something. For example: I’ve been calling you. Why didn’t you call me back, huh ?

30 Examples of sentences with “e”, “eh” and “he”

10 Examples of sentences with “e”

  1. She will have a party at her house and will invite many people
  2. Juana and Irina will take a few days of vacation
  3. Alberto called and said that his friend Fabio had been assaulted and slightly injured.
  4. The teacher said that she will take a pop quiz and find out who has understood yesterday’s lesson.
  5. The profession that my mother studies is called “Science and methodological research in sociology”
  6. The director spoke and inspired everyone with his words
  7. After the excursion, the children learned and incorporated more knowledge about nature.
  8. Registration and start for the summer camp will be next Monday.
  9. After that car accident, the firefighters and police officers helped us and then inquired about what had happened. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.
  10. The water is colorless, odorless and tasteless.

10 Examples of sentences with “he”

  1. I have asked your mom about you
  2. ‘ve already told you all my secrets
  3. Thanks to the decoration, I have turned this room into a space adventure
  4. I have already walked these streets because they seem familiar to me.
  5. I am very tired because I did not sleep well last night.
  6. I’ve seen how you look at him. That’s why I know you like her.
  7. I’ve come to see you several times, but I ‘ve never found you
  8. I could feel the sweet breeze of the wind hitting my face
  9. Already I ‘ve told you not to touch that!
  10. ‘ve bought a gift for you for your birthday.

10 Examples of sentences with “eh”

  1. I don’t want you to call me again, huh ?
  2. I’ll be out here if you need me huh ?
  3. Hey John, long time no see!
  4. Eh ! Be careful not to spill the water
  5. I don’t want you to repeat what you did, huh ?
  6. Eh ! Are you listening to me?
  7. I don’t want you to come looking for me anymore, huh ? I can go back alone.
  8. How have you been? ¿ Eh ?
  9. Eh ! Do you want me to help you with your homework?
  10. Eh ! Be careful that you can fall from there


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