Examples of sentences with don´t have to

The English language has become today a highly sought after career by the replacement generation, since it offers many expectations in the workplace, resulting in a very practical and innovative profession, which allows the teaching-learning of English, as a language additional to the one you already have.

This corresponds to current demands worldwide, very committed to achieving an international development of a multidisciplinary nature. . This profession as such, focuses on the interpretation and translation of the language, having singular importance in the various media where the English language must be present.

The English language has become a natural part of daily conversation in managerial, industrial, technological and artistic disciplines, which is a very relevant advantage in academic training .

This career can be studied in both public and private universities and is based on the individual interest that the participant has for the language , its culture and its history.

Openness is easy for the student who identifies with this type of study because generally they already have basic knowledge of the language, some reading comprehension and some oral communication , as well as written communication.

Use of don´t have to in the English language

The negative sentences are usually made with do not and does not accompanied by the infinitive to have. A negative sentence that uses have to shows that there is no obligation, clarifying that it is not a prohibition, since it is expressed with other modal verbs such as: shouldn´t and mustn´t .

For the rest, there is a notable difference between mustn´t and don´t have to in English when the expression have to is denied, we verify that doesn´t / don´t have to expresses a lack of obligation, this means that you do not have to what to do , but if you want to do it, do it. For its part, mustn´t is different, it speaks of prohibition, that is, of something you should not do. Therefore, it differs from don´t have to, which speaks of a lack of obligation.

Examples of sentences with don´t have to

  1. They don’t have to run around the classroom if the teacher hasn’t arrived
  2. We don’t have to study math this morning if we only have a physics exam
  3. Melania does not have to go before the cameras because Donald Trump is no longer President of the United States
  4. Pedro and Juan do not have to walk if their parents pay for a private transportation that takes them to university.
  5. don’t have to learn to cook because my mother is a chef at the restaurant near my house.
  6. You do not Have to dance in the theater Because You Already did it in the club’s party room (You do not have to dance in the theater because you did in the ballroom of the club)
  7. My friend Sebastián does not have to call me on the phone because I invited him to the I have to buy more perfumes if my sister Aurora sent me several from France)
  8. You don’t have to give English lessons at school because they only pay you to teach Spanish
  9. don’t have to marry Daniel because I don’t like him
  10. My friend Sebastián does not have to call me on the phone because I invited him to the house this afternoon.
  11. not do have to live in Chicago if my house is in Texas (I do not have to live in Chicago if my house is in Texas)
  12. They do not have to work on weekends if they have already done it from Monday to Friday without a break
  13. We do not have to go jogging in the park because we already lost the overweight that we were

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