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Examples of sentences with de and dé

A preposition indicates the link between a noun and a verb tense, the preposition “de”, without an orthographic accent, indicates the origin of something, for example: “La Cordillera de los Andes”, possession: “El carro de Juan ”, the material: “The iron gate”, that is, it can also join a noun with another, and “give”, with accent, indicates action, from the verb “give”, we will see some examples of sentences with from and give.

“Give” is the conjugation of the verb “give” in its imperative mood, for example, “give water to that poor man” or in the present subjunctive with other subordinate sentences. What does this mean? Sentences that depend on others to make sense, indicating a present or future action, for example: “I hope the bank will give me money.”

25 Examples of sentences with de

  1. This has been very helpful.
  2. I’ll use Ana’s cell phone to make a call
  3. I’ll take dance classes starting tomorrow
  4. Work from Monday to Friday
  5. I don’t like comedy theater
  6. The lights in the square look great
  7. Maria was very beautiful on her wedding day
  8. We will continue working on the vaccination campaign
  9. Back we will buy something
  10. New York City is mind-blowing
  11. Chicken salad is my favorite
  12. The math teacher explained the exercises very well
  13. The city is at the foot of the mountain
  14. We go to Alex’s house to see a movie
  15. The assembly’s proposal was rejected
  16. From 12 noon I will be available
  17. Tax collection has been a success this year
  18. Are you ready to talk about us?
  19. Suddenly everything started to go well
  20. He’s under arrest warrant
  21. The ammunition gun is loaded
  22. You have to pay the traffic ticket
  23. Reading the plans indicates something else
  24. Lard is not very healthy
  25. The Queen of England is in good health

25 Examples of sentences with dé

  1. Let me give you an answer
  2. You don’t need to thank me
  3. I can’t believe he’s not ashamed
  4. Do not feel pity about it
  5. I hope it gives you more information
  6. So do your best to get ahead
  7. As long as it gives you good results, continue like this
  8. It’s unfair that I prioritize them over me
  9. Don’t let me give you another excuse!
  10. It’s time for me to give you the engagement ring
  11. I hope he doesn’t have a heart attack when I tell him
  12. He always asks me to tell him the time
  13. I can’t bear to be ordered around
  14. Ask him to give you the things he took
  15. Make the best impression every time
  16. You better give a better price
  17. Give the data at once!
  18. I want the teacher to give us another chance
  19. Just give what they have asked you
  20. Better not give advice
  21. Please turn the corner
  22. Do not give your account password
  23. They ask me to take the precautions
  24. I aspire you to take safe steps for your consolidation
  25. When it gives me the results, I will calm down.

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