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Examples of sentences with cause and consequence

How do you construct sentences that give the idea of ​​cause and consequence? The cause is the motive, origin or principle of something. The consequence is the conclusion or the effect that motivated the cause.

To construct this type of sentence it is necessary to use connectors that imply a cause and consequence. The connectors are words that arise from the ways of expressing such actions. They are to reinforce the correct use of sentence constructions according to the intentions that their authors wish to say.

So, sentences with cause and consequence express actions that are motivated by something and imply that there is an effect to those actions.

Characteristics of sentences with cause and consequence

  • The cause is the motive or reason to act or exercise something .
  • The cause is derived from some influence that prompts action.
  • The cause is the product of motivating to do something for the benefit.
  • The consequence is the effect of the cause.
  • The consequence is the conclusion that is derived from a motive or reason.
  • The consequence brings with it favorable results or not depending on how it is interpreted.

Cause connectors

The cause connectors indicate relationships of origin. These connectors allow to join the sentences that give a cause of cause. Among those connectors are the following:

  • A (for) cause of
  • Because, because of, because of
  • Given the…
  • since …
  • but …
  • Since…
  • with (for) reason of …
  • then …
  • given that…
  • so that…

Consequence connectors

Consequence connectors relate to the conclusion or effect that was caused. Among them:

  • so, so, so …
  • so that, so that
  • that’s why, that’s why, that’s why, that’s why, that’s why
  • consequently then then
  • therefore, therefore, for what follows
  • so, consequently, consequently
  • hence, so that
  • it turns out that

Examples of sentences with cause and consequence


  1. That bakery is famous for its friendly customer service.
  2. We can’t go out because of the rain.
  3. We are happy so that you can speak calmly.
  4. I was invited to the party on the occasion of a mutual friend’s birthday
  5. I think we should go back because it is getting dark.
  6. She didn’t communicate so I guess she’s not interested in fixing her problem
  7. Few smartphones left because of the promotional price .
  8. He always stands out from problems because of his shrewd intelligence.
  9. The boss called him because of his absence from work.
  10. Don’t keep insisting because it’s not worth it
  11. This is just the beginning, so don’t panic.
  12. I decided to call you to this meeting because of your opinion about the sales.
  13. She must do it since she is a specialist in the area.
  14. I suspect that she is sad because she was isolated from the group.
  15. Let’s take this route since it seems faster.


  1. We had no money, so we did not leave the house .
  2. My sister lived in the United States for two years, so she speaks English.
  3. I love flowers, therefore , my dream is to have a florist.
  4. Luisa has an apartment, hence she decides to rent it.
  5. In the month of July it is the company holidays, therefore , it is likely that I will go to the beach.
  6. José has never traveled in an airplane, therefore , he was very nervous at first he was very nervous.
  7. He left early, so I’ll go too.
  8. He had many valuable things in his house, for this reason , the theft was very unpleasant.
  9. When I found out that the order came from Peru, for this reason , I ran to the agency.
  10. He had studied hard for the exam, consequently he passed with the highest grade
  11. I really liked the coffee I tried, so I will highly recommend it.
  12. I will be on vacation next week, for this reason , I suggest you advance the job that I requested you a long time ago.
  13. My father was born in Spain, therefore , I have a European passport and Spanish citizenship.

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