Examples of sentences with before

The English language has managed to be projected at all levels, both cultural, academic, tourist, artistic, national and international for the simple reason that English is considered one of the most relevant languages ​​worldwide .

In almost all companies of an administrative, political, artistic, social, cultural and educational nature, there are currently numerous functions that can be performed with learning the English language . These include:

  • Editor in corporations
  • Interpreter figure
  • Freelance or business-level translator
  • International Correspondent
  • Journalist
  • Language teacher
  • Advice on various projects
  • Business advisor
  • Multiplier in public or private education

In addition, the study of the degree in English offers the opportunity to all those who decide to take it, to expand as a professional and prepare for any type of work requirement that projects them towards a better future from the syntactic, semantic and phonological point of view.

Without losing sight of the fact that modern English comes from a Germanic language, originating from Britain, which had the intervention of the Anglo-Saxon tribes. That the language underwent modifications and hodgepodgements until it became the language it is today.

Use of before in the English language

The term before in English means before  and the term after means after. Before is a preposition that translates as: “Before”, with the exception that each time we pronounce “before” we require a noun behind .

As a preposition, it must be taken into account that if you want to place a verb behind it, it must be in ing, since all prepositions in the English language are governed by the verb in ing , in case we want to place a verb.

On other occasions, it is not necessary to put the subject of “going”, since this coincides with the subject of the following sentence. In the event that the subjects coincide, the verb in ing can be omitted in the sentence.

In another case, the before can be followed by a sentence and here it is considered a conjunction , this differs from the previous explanation, because their structures are different. But always, the term before as a preposition is translated as before.

It is important to note that before can also be an adverb , which means that it is not followed by either a noun or a sentence, when it is used.

Examples of sentences with before

  1. Before meeting Lejed in high school, he had worked with Simón at his law firm.
  2. Before arriving in Panama City, I realized that my bags had been left at the airport, that made me feel very bad. very bad)
  3. Before going to Luciano’s restaurant I met Ricardo on the avenue and he sent him many greetings ( Before going to Luciano’s restaurant I met Ricardo on the avenue and he sent him many greetings)
  4. Before reading Mario Vargas Llosa’s books, I to DECIDED read Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s books in order to compare His narrative style (Before reading my books Mario Vargas Llosa chose to read my books Gabriel García Márquez in order to compare their narrative style )
  5. Before strolling along the boulevard of Sabana Grande I was in Chacaito talking with Professor Bernardo, who invited me to the «Río Chico» restaurant. the restaurant «Río Chico»)
  6. Before going to Rocio’s party, I went to the hairdresser to fix my hair to present myself as well as possible with my purple dress. purple dress)
  7. Before taking my photos in the city of Cúcuta, I visited its beautiful shopping centers, where I bought souvenirs for my family and friends. family and friends)
  8. Before buying the pearl necklace, I asked my boss if he was going to pay me for the fortnight in dollars.
  9. Before going to the beach with my friends for the weekend, I bought a new pink swimsuit to show off at sea. sea )

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