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Examples of sentences with adjectives

The objects that surround us have properties and characteristics, so let’s take the object as a noun and the properties and characteristics of the object as an adjective, for example: white house (house-noun, white – adjective ), black dog (dog – noun , black –adjective), then, we can say that an adjective is the words that accompany, give information and modify the noun, we will give examples of sentences with an adjective .

Let’s look at another example, a chair, which is the noun, its color, size, what material it is made of, who does it belong to? Model, antiquity, all of these are adjectives.

    • The brown chair
    • The little chair
    • The wooden chair
    • My chair
    • That chair

Additional information provided by the adjective would be: My wooden chair is very old, what other things can we say about a noun? pretty, tough, tall, slim, Latin, Asian, cheerful, friendly, etc., all of that is an adjective.

Adjective types

  • Qualifying adjective

They indicate a characteristic or quality of the noun, for example: beautiful, tall, intelligent, ugly, big, clumsy, etc.

  • Demonstrative adjective

They show and point to the noun: those, those, this, that, that, those, that.

  • Epithet or explanatory adjectives

They are usually placed before the noun, highlighting qualities that are obvious in nouns (beings or objects), like this: hot fathoms, cold snow, sweet honey.

  • Adjective gentilicio

They indicate the origin of the noun: Chinese lumpias, Venezuelan arepas, Italian man, etc.

  • Undefined adjectives

It refers to some imprecision or approximation: not true, some, too much, quite a lot, a little, some, several, etc.

  • Numeral adjectives

Cardinals : indicates the amount, one, ten, twenty. Ordinals : indicate the position, second, fourth place, first. Partitives : half, one eighth, third part. Multiples : triple, double.

  • Possessive adjectives

They indicate belonging: In front of the noun : me, you, my your, their, our. They follow the noun : mine, his, yours.

15 Examples of sentences with adjectives

  1. My new car cost a thousand dollars
  2. Those fruits are very juicy and fresh
  3. The tallest girl in the pageant wore red shoes
  4. This cake is delicious
  5. I will give you half of this green apple
  6. It has rained on the pavement that is slippery
  7. The fabric of that dress was very soft and delicate
  8. I’ve had enough of this delicious pizza
  9. My feet are wet in the salty water of the sea and I feel the heat of the burning sun on my face
  10. We play in the cold white winter snow
  11. Maria has very nice pants that fit her very well
  12. Many people attended the spectacular concert of the Italian artist
  13. The bright moon brightened the dark night
  14. The fast and powerful car sped past the eyes of many
  15. He is a very creative person

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