Examples of sentences with a ah and ha

A mistake that is made very often is the confusion of when to use “ a ”, “ ha ” or “ ah ”. Therefore, on this occasion, we will see the differences between these three words and when to use one or the other within a sentence .

How do you know when to use “a”, “ha” or “ah”?

It is important to remember that these three words, sounding phonetically identical, we can only know the correct way to write them according to the context. That is, within a sentence.

Use of “a”

The ” a ” is a word that is used as a preposition and has an infinite number of uses. Then, the use of the “a” is used to introduce, within a sentence, complements or to indicate the place, mode, direction, time of an action . For example: Tomorrow we will go to Maria’s house.

Use of “ha”

” Ha ” is the verb to have but conjugated in the third person. It is generally used as an auxiliary verb that is used for the third person singular in the past perfect tense composed of the indicative mood. For example: It has rained a lot this week.

You can also see the use of ” ha ” when it is preceded by the preposition ” of ” to show a convenience, need or duty of something. For example: John has to feel sorry for what happened.

Use of “ah”

“Ah” is an interjection that is always used in exclamatory sentences. In some countries it is admitted within an interrogative sentence. They express amazement, regret, surprise, etc. For example: Ah ! Hadn’t you been to the dance?

45 Sample sentences with a, ah and ha

15 Examples of sentences with “a”

  1. We will buy some hamburgers and take them to Martín’s house.
  2. You are invited to my birthday party this Saturday.
  3. I’ll wait for you at 5 pm in the restaurant.
  4. At times I feel lonely, but I remember that you are with me.
  5. We will leave at midnight
  6. At that time, I was playing at Marta’s house
  7. A I often think of her …
  8. Later we will go to buy tickets to go to the theater.
  9. I’ve only told to my sister.
  10. The store is around the corner from my school.
  11. Next year we will go to study at art school.
  12. Raul no longer salutes to
  13. Andrés will go to college this year.
  14. A Daniela likes blue flowers.
  15. A Andy’s dog, my cousin Sophia, you like to play with water.

15 Examples of sentences with “ha”

  1. He has done a good job here.
  2. It has already dawned and we must return.
  3. He has to wait for her to come back from school.
  4. Andrea cheated on the math test.
  5. My cousin Hector has bought a new car.
  6. It’d better go has come a big storm.
  7. Monica has studied hard for the exam.
  8. Martin has played with Susana to the cards.
  9. Fabricio has participated in the swimming competition and has obtained second place.
  10. Gaston has to feel sorrow for the death of his dog.
  11. Macarena has started working in a new place.
  12. Antonio has thought about leaving the university.
  13. Alfredo has not felt any remorse for not inviting Juana to his birthday.
  14. Jimena is ill because she has not come to school today.
  15. She has bought a new dress for her aunt Eugenia’s wedding.

15 Examples of sentences with “ah”

  1. Ah , but how much you’ve grown Martina!
  2. Ah ! I thought you were arriving at 8 PM.
  3. Ah ! I’ll have another nephew in no time.
  4. Ah ! I forgot to say hello to you.
  5. Ah ! How long has
  6. Ah finally you have passed the exam!
  7. Ah ! That answer is correct.
  8. Ah , that hurt a lot!
  9. You don’t want to finish eating your food, huh?
  10. Ah ! I already understood what you have explained to me.
  11. Ah , but how lucky you!
  12. Ah ! Haven’t you bought your uniform for school yet?
  13. Ah! And I thought you liked chocolate.
  14. Ah! I think I approved.
  15. Ah ! That has been the worst movie I’ve seen.

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