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Examples of Self-Help Books

The  self – help books  and also named as  self improvement books , have become a recurring means by thousands of people to change their lives. We find many options that have hit the market, some have been considered a best-seller, others are simply not what we want. However, we can tell you that it never hurts to know these kinds of books, as they could make your life change forever.

Basically the main concept of these books is that they allow us to know different tips to see life positively. There are people who currently use these books as a means to grow spiritually, work and financially. What is sought is that these books become the necessary motivation for your life to become something better.

Examples of Self-Help Books

  1. The monk who sold his Ferrari: This book is considered one of the main self-improvement books to change your life. It offers us a series of tips that you must apply for 21 days so that your life can be transformed. The author of the book is Robin S. Sharma.
  2. The Secret:  Written by Rhonda Bryne has been one of the most sought after books in recent years. He talks about the law of attraction and how to attract everything you want to your life, changing your mind. It offers a series of tips that will allow you to have everything you have always wanted.
  3. Rich Dad, Poor Dad:  Do you want to change your financial life? It is likely that this book is essential for your economic growth. Written by Robert Kiyosaki, it tells the story of a father who has a profession, but his whole life was poor. While the rich dad is a visionary man who knows how to manage money.
  4. Your Erroneous Zones:  A book with many years that was released and continues to be among the best sellers. It offers us different perspectives on our life and what kinds of things to do to change it forever.

Other self-help books

  1. Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence
  2. Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins
  3. Your Wrong Zones by Wayne Dyer
  4. The good luck of Alex Robira
  5. Stories to think of Jorge Bucay
  6. Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl
  7. Good morning, joy from Jesús Matos Larrinaga
  8. A Tortoise, a Hare and a Mosquito by Nacho Coller
  9. Tim Ferriss’s four-hour workweek
  10. The great magic of Elizabeth Gilbert
  11. The Deception of Icarus by Seth Godin
  12. Brené Brown’s gifts of imperfection
  13. The Power of the Word by Louise Hay
  14. Transform your brain with NLP by Jago Wendy
  15. Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl
  16. The four Agreements

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