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Examples of self-esteem

Self esteem

Self-esteem is the assessment that a person has about himself , generally positive but also negative, which depends on the point of view from which he is talking. It is a set of thoughts and feelings that are based on their own experiences and that allow them to develop an essential self-love to function in different aspects of life.

The concept of self-esteem is widely used in the field of psychology;  A person with good self-esteem accepts both physically and mentally, everything makes the personality form by accepting its own strengths and weaknesses, virtues and defects.

Origin of self-esteem

It is known that self-esteem will be higher or lower depending on the environment, upbringing and other external factors that can vary over time. Experiences such as interpersonal relationships can make a person have a strong or weak self-esteem.

Returning to the subject of psychology, it can be determined that a factor that influences behavior problems has a lot to do with a person’s self-assessment and in that regard specialists on the subject agree that it is one of the functions of the organism that intervenes directly on self-protection and personal development, this is more than anything because self-esteem has a great impact on health and the way in which people develop their relationships with others and also on academic and professional development.

Types of self-esteem

In broad terms, you can talk about two types of self-esteem , namely:

  • the high esteem in which the person has great confidence in itself, is more likely to succeed when facing various assuming situations risks and tasks not so much for their abilities but by the very fact of being able to make power.
  • On the other hand, low self-esteem is one in which people can be insecure, they are very sensitive to any negative or critical comment, they have difficulties to make themselves stand up to others in a correct way, which can affect their social relationships and their own development personal.

Examples of self-esteem

  1. Feeling less than others (low self-esteem)
  2. Feeling uncomfortable with yourself (low self-esteem)
  3. A person who has a partner who mistreats her, but remains with her for fear of being alone (low self-esteem).
  4. Thinking that it is okay for others to yell at you (low self-esteem)
  5. Not giving an opinion for fear of making others feel bad (low self-esteem)
  6. Avoid spaces where they ask for personal opinion so as not to feel ashamed (low self-esteem)
  7. A person of short stature but with great confidence, successful at work and with people of the opposite sex (high self-esteem)
  8. Feeling self-sufficient without needing someone else to be someone in life (high self-esteem)
  9. Not feeling less than anyone no matter the place or situation (high self-esteem)
  10. Thinking that it can be achieved despite adversity (high self-esteem)
  11. Fight until you get what you want (high self-esteem)
  12. Get the best grades to get into a good university (high self-esteem)
  13. Accepting yourself as you are despite stereotypes (high self-esteem)
  14. Dress according to your own tastes (high self-esteem)
  15. Talk about the issues that bother you without problem (high self-esteem)

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