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Examples of Self-Care

The  self is a term that has been much in vogue in recent years. Basically it is a word that derives from the Greek  “auto” which means “own”,  while  care  that comes from the Latin and means thoughts. Basically his interpretation would be the  care of himself .

This is a topic that is seen in universities, mainly in those who study psychology , however, it is increasingly important to talk about caring for oneself to the little ones. That is why if they left you any homework on this topic, we have self-care examples for you so  that you can better understand this topic.

Dorotea Orem was in charge of determining that the definition of self-care would be: “the activity that individuals learn and orient themselves to apply a goal.” This would be the main concept, now many people handle it in different ways, but the main point is to be in a good physical, mental and even spiritual state.

Examples of self-care

  1. Exercising:  A daily routine that requires taking care of our body to stay healthy. From aerobic and anaerobic exercises , these are some of the things that all human beings need to maintain a physical condition that allows them to live to the fullest.
  2. Eat properly: We all have the right to a good diet. Also, it should be noted that it is recommended to eat correctly to avoid health problems.
  3. Right to rest:  Something necessary for all people, rest is essential to have a good performance during the day in different aspects of your life.
  4. Stress management:  One of themost dangerous diseases of the 21st century, where all human beings require care to better manage things in their lives.
  5. Routine medical control: having  a medical check-up should always be a good idea to verify the state of our health.
  6. Hydration:  maintaining a constant intake of water is an effective and safe way to keep our body in excellent condition and more knowing it is making up 70% of liquid.
  7. Recreation:  recreation is a very important element for our physical and mental health. This will allow us to be mentally clear and more calm
  8. Medications: the intake of medications should always be under medical prescription, otherwise we may be generating alterations and deterioration in our body.
  9. Walking or jogging outdoors
  10. Meditate: the meditation has always been a good choice whencomes to taking care of our bodies,is why it is recommendeddoat the least 15 minutes a day.

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