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Examples of self-assessment

Self-  evaluation  is the analysis that we carry out of ourselves. Action from which according to the emotional intelligence that we possess each time we analyze ourselves, we can evolve; emotionally, professionally, personally and physically, respectively.

What is emotional self-assessment?

The  emotional self,  is the reflection of the feelings that are generated spontaneously in us seeing or perceiving something or someone in particular.

Examples of Positive Emotional Self-Assessment

    1. You feel compassion for other living beings in a state of abandonment, depression or conflict , regardless of their physical or original peculiarities.
    2. You are concerned about the misfortune of people of little emotional relevance
    3. You comfort yourself after being the victim of an emotional betrayal of any kind (partner, family, friends) without questioning or reproaching yourself for the wrong decision of the other party involved
Examples of negative emotional self-evaluation
  1. You feel consciously, repulsion towards other living beings (animals, ecosystems and people) for the non-acceptance of their behavior, way of being or social condition.
  2. You feel joy for the misfortune of other people because you believe yourself immune to adversity.
  3. You feel superior to most people, to all or only to some by choice and to be arrogant towards them.
  4. You give in due to insecurity and docilely in the face of manipulative attitudes, assuming it is only complacency for love
  5. You are prejudiced by other people’s perception or without coherent grounds
  6. You hold back emotions for fear of being judged

What is physical self-assessment?

Physical self-evaluation is what your reflection in mirrors represents for you every time you look at yourself, along with what you feel about your anatomy, limits you or makes you stand out.

Examples of Positive Physical Self-Assessment

  1. You feel satisfied with your appearance because you are conscious, you eat well and take care of your physical condition just as average people do
  2. You are not satisfied with your anatomy and by effect take care of it a little more than anyone always keeping in mind not to fall into excesses
  3. You have an anomaly and in addition to accepting it, it symbolizes for you, your personal stamp in the absolute denigrating or limiting.

Examples of negative physical self-assessment

  1. You look thin or overweight and you are totally unhappy with such an appearance
  2. You are very short or tall and want to measure the opposite
  3. You feel dissatisfaction with your physical appearance and instead of looking for options to assertively improve, you dedicate yourself to exposing your anatomy to treatments that generate adverse results
  4. You feel self-conscious by minimal distinctions such as; acne or features somewhat larger or smaller compared to the size of what is socially and supposedly the appropriate dimension of such a faction.

What is job self-assessment?

Job self-evaluation is the perception of what we assume, our colleagues and colleagues think of us as a result of our faculties.

Examples of positive job self-assessment

  1. You take as a motivational example colleagues you admire, without any intention of completely losing your personal essence to fully instruct yours.
  2. You acknowledge your professional and financial failures without complexes without allowing them under any circumstances to cloud your new purposes.
  3. You maintain good working relationships in which respect and recognition of each person’s performance prevail without seeking to harm them.

Examples of negative job self-assessment

  1. You allow competitiveness to predominate and you frequently quarrel with different colleagues to stand out for false superiority when performance results in nothing.
  2. You focus on envying or profiting from the reward of the efforts of others and not on evolution as a result of your own.
  3. You do not dare to aspire to more than the position you have had for decades, because you do not feel capable of obtaining a promotion.

What is personal self-assessment?

Personal self-evaluation is our own definition that we deduce from interpersonal relationships, such as family and social ones.

Examples of Positive Self-Assessment

  1. You try to be empathetic with whom you meet everywhere without prejudice at the first deal or sight
  2. You seek to be an objective mediator inclined to conflict resolution that generates well-being for the parties involved.
  3. What anyone thinks of you, you have the certainty does not define or limit you.

Examples of negative personal self-assessment

  1. You are the order of the day to stir up quarrels between third parties while at the same time pretending to be the concerned mediator, and you feel like an excellent person with such a procedure.
  2. You shamelessly deceive how many people give you their trust and affection and assume that as long as they do not find out, you are not harming them
  3. Any comment from others affects the degree of general isolation

After recognizing which attitudes (positive or negative) predominate in you today in each of your facets, you will have the certainty of how reasonable and balanced your self-assessment is . If it is favorable or detrimental to you, and how you are really projecting yourself to your peers, beyond that superficial conception and surely in your favor, that you had until a while ago, of yourself.

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