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Examples of security zones

The concept of security zones is very broad but at the same time easy to recognize as it applies to many fields, places and situations, basically it is a space in which people, civilians, valuables, animals , soldiers in battle can stay safe from any risk or element that could harm them physically or emotionally, the case of safety zones to protect themselves in cases of natural disasters such as earthquakes , earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, among others, is well known , there are delimited areas and well signposted so that anyone can locate them and move towards said space and reduce the possibility of being injured in any incident.

Other well-known examples are the aforementioned soldiers who are in a conflict zone, in these situations both parties already have defined areas or territories in which they can keep injured or sick soldiers safe, they are locations where armed attacks they are unlikely and not only serve to heal those who have been injured but also to supply the civilian population with humanitarian aid such as food, water and everything they need to survive while the conflict lasts.

The security zones are spaces already mentioned and that are supported by international organizations, are considered an international law and are governed by the whenever there is some type of conflict between two or more countries. On the other hand, if we talk about security zones in case of natural disasters, there are three types:

    1. Internal security zones: they are inside a building and their structures are much more resistant so they can protect people in a situation of risk.
    2. External security zones: as their name indicates, these are places located in parks, parking lots, squares, stadiums and have previously been approved and delimited by the authorities to be easily recognized.
    3. Concentration areas: these are places where the population is temporarily supplied with resources such as food and drinking water, basic health care is given in the event of natural disasters and that have left said population in a precarious situation.

Examples of security zones:

  1. Parking lots.
  2. Patios and sports tiles within a school, institute or university.
  3. The highest floors in buildings in tsunami cases.
  4. Environments with resistant and spacious structures within a building either to protect themselves during an earthquake or for an easy and fast evacuation.
  5. Territories away from any type of armed attack in a war conflict.
  6. Parks where there are no poles or structures that can collapse.

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