Examples of Search Engines

In the context of computing, search engines or search engines are information search and retrieval systems that are intended to help in the task of finding information in computer systems.

There are different types of search engines. The best known is perhaps the web browser. Examples of this are these well-known search engines:




Its main characteristic is that the search is carried out through the internet, on a web.

Another genre of search engine is the desktop search engine. This is started from the same computer and is used to search for files on the same computer where this type of search engine is started. Here are some examples of desktop search engines:



Copernic Desktop Search


dtSearch Desktop


Google Desktop

The human search engine is another type of search engine. Your goal, unlike other search engines that try to give you a large list of results, is to provide a shorter one. To do this, they combine the computer program with humans who filter the search results until there is an adjusted list with the most relevant ones. Here are some examples of this type of search engine:






The federated search engine is another type of search engine that is used to perform a search around a question within different databases.

The search metasearch engine is yet another type of search engine that, in this case, searches the searches of other search engines.

It is worth mentioning two more types: on the one hand, the multi- search engine that allows you to search databases, the Internet, other search engines , etc. and, on the other hand, the search aggregator that searches other search engines at the same time.

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