Examples of Scientific Articles

When talking about scientific articles, it refers to the report that must be totally original in which it must be delivered in writing with the results that have been obtained from any experiment which may be known but with modifications or one created by its researchers.

The purpose of a scientific article is to be able to share the results that have been obtained in said experiment and to make the objective achieved known to the general public.

10 Examples of Scientific Articles

  1. The reason why the lie is faster than the truth.
  2. What is the amount of alcoholic beverage to drink so as not to harm health.
  3. Environmental pollution will have some end.
  4. Exercise improves the human body’s metabolism 100%.
  5. Because he does not rest well he gets old.
  6. Human hair has life after falling to the ground.
  7. Global warming destroys the poles.
  8. How tobacco use accelerates the cancer cell.
  9. Why do dogs communicate through their tails?
  10. Wine is the best drink for good health.

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