10 Examples of Sample letters


It consists of a written sheet of paper that is specially written to send to a person or organization.

This type of writing tends to be placed within a place of dispatch, calling itself the sender or sender, while the recipient is called the receiver or recipient.

Generally, the format of the letter changes, according to the subject matter or the recipient to which it is sent.

Examples of letters

  1. Letters of application to join a company: through this type of letter, the issuer expresses his intention to join a company . Its structure may be more related to that of a letter than a trade or something similar, using the structure of the formal letter.
  2. Letters of extension : its main objective is to request the extension of a deadline to carry out an activity. It must include the date and place where it was issued, the recipient to which it is sent, and the event for which the time extension is requested.
  3. Advance request letter : it is a document that allows an official to request an advance payment. There are three types of advance letters, one is through a business format, the second is made by the worker before the employer and the third is made by a businessman or worker to request material or capital.
  4. Invoice letter : it is a document issued at the moment in which a person compares some good on credit, in this way, when the total cost is covered, a definitive invoice is delivered . Within the invoice letter, data such as amounts and concepts are included.
  5. Thank you letter : through this correspondence you thank a third party without being in contact with them personally. This letter according to your destination can be more or less formal.
  6. Invitation letter: they are written in case you want to invite the recipient, here the date and place are clarified, and if there is any particular requirement for attendance.
  7. Conciliation letter: they are written to correct an error, respond to a complaint or avoid a conflict. It is written in a courteous and diplomatic manner; trying to reconcile and avoid signaling phrases, and thus propose solutions to solve the conflict, as well as offering guarantees to reach the solution.
  8. Scientific letters: their length can be according to a very brief format, similar to that of a note or a memorandum, up to a very long one that would be a treatise. Its content must be objective, descriptive, bibliographic and with images.
  9. Explanatory letter: private document, it can have a traditional letter format, and its main objective is to answer any misunderstanding. It is written by a spokesperson or lawyer who watches over the circumstance and is addressed to a person or institution.
  10. Cover letter : through this letter you try to make yourself known in order to get a job, scholarship and other trades. They are written in an extremely cordial way, with a formal and respectful vocabulary.

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