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Examples of sagas


From the literary point of view , a saga refers to a specific text that is responsible for presenting various experiences of several generations belonging to the same family group.

The term saga comes from the times of the Middle Ages in Iceland. In this country, the narration of several stories was born, always told in the same setting or character. Thanks to this, today this term is known as that set of books integrated into the same universe.

This over time has permeated many readers, since presenting a story in the form of a saga allows the reader to enter more into the world of the writer and learn more about all the details and relevant aspects in the story.

Currently, due to the rise of written sagas , the seventh art has appropriated them, making sagas generally based on books that have already been developed, guaranteeing in most cases resounding and total successes worldwide. Despite the tastes of each of the readers and viewers, most will be able to choose to see their favorite saga on the big screen or leave everything to the imagination through books and reading.

Examples of sagas


  1. The Chronicles of Narnia
  2. Twilight
  3. I robot
  4. The Lord of the rings
  5. Game of Thrones
  6. The Hunger Games
  7. The dark tower
  8. Discworld
  9. Harry Potter
  10. Cemetery of dead books
  11. Foundation Series
  12. Star treck

Film and television

  1. The jungle of crystal
  2. Rocky
  3. The Lord of the rings
  4. Star Wars
  5. Batman
  6. James bond
  7. Superman
  8. Spiderman
  9. Sex in New York
  10. Mission Impossible
  11. The mercenaries
  12. the Avengers
  13. Harry Potter
  14. The Hunger Games
  15. 50 shades of gray
  16. The amazing rune
  17. Planet of the Apes
  18. Independence Day
  19. Alice in Wonderland

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