Examples of room escape

Room escape

It is a room or escape room , a game where the main author is the adventure full of elements where you must apply both mental and physical intelligence . It consists of locking or trapping a certain group of players in a room or room.

In this game, to be able to leave the room you have to solve riddles and mysteries in order to unravel the story that the game contains and you can escape before the time ends, which is generally 60 minutes. Each game is set in completely different spaces , in this sense, generally the room and the puzzles handle the same theme.

This game originally started in Japan in 2007 consisting of logical enigmas, later it was expanding all over the world. In this sense, studies determined that those who played it were young people and students who had a high degree of stress.

It is currently a game that has become viral all over the world and allows a different option of adventure and fun, far from electronic equipment and devices. Many now play it from youngsters to entire families.

Items such as:

  • Hiding places
  • Wives
  • Chains
  • Game cards
  • Magnifying glasses
  • Puzzles
  • Remote control
  • Riddles
  • Images
  • Secret codes
  • Briefcases
  • Mirrors
  • Clocks
  • Invisible Ink

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